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Strategic Planning

St. Louis Community College is, as stated by the Higher Learning Commission evaluation team, deserving of its status as one of the premier community colleges in the nation. Our mission of advancing quality at STLCC in everything we do is reflected in our substantial accomplishments and progress since we first opened our doors in 1964.

While our past has created a solid foundation for teaching and learning, we have come to a decisive point in our history: our thinking and our actions must be future-oriented. Our vision of the St. Louis Community College of tomorrow is grounded in capitalizing on our strengths and addressing our critical needs through the development of a collaborative and reflective strategic plan. Our approach to this planning process is to be efficient and expeditious in moving forward.


  • Student Retention and Persistence
  • Climate and Culture

STLCC's Board of Trustees and college officers have identified three strategic priorities that we absolutely must pursue:

Strategy 1. Redesign students’ experiences

  • Action Step 1. Develop and use academic maps for all college programs.
  • Action Step 2. Strengthen and expand alternative delivery models.
  • Action Step 3. Develop and implement strategies that increase college readiness.

Strategy 2. Operationalize one college.

  • Action Step 1. Engage the entire college in adopting the definition of one college.
  • Action Step 2. Reinvent and clarify institutional roles to support one college mission, vision, and values.
  • Action Step 3. Increase college efficiencies to improve “customer” and student services.

Strategy 3. Strengthen identity and community awareness of STLCC.

  • Action Step 1. Strengthen partnerships.
  • Action Step 2. Define branding and marketing of the college.
  • Action Step 3. Redesign and repurpose the college web site.