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Boeing Pre-Employment Training

This is a five-week, 208 hour class with daytime (7:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday) class groups starting March 31, April 21, May 11, June 9, June 29, July 21, Aug. 11, Aug. 31, Sept. 22, Oct. 13 and Nov. 3, 2015.

Nighttime (4:30 p.m. through 1:00 a.m. Monday through Friday) class groups are also starting April 6, May 26, July 13, Aug. 24, Oct. 5 and Nov. 16, 2015.

Contact the hotline number 314-539-5921 and/or send resumes to wcdassemblymechanics@stlcc.edu.

Boeing Pre-Employment Training ProgramOverview & History

St. Louis Community College’s Workforce Solutions Group and the Emerson Center for Engineering & Manufacturing formed a joint venture with Boeing, (with assistance from the State of Missouri Division of Workforce Development), to develop and provide a Pre-employment Training Program in order to create an ongoing pool of employee candidates for Boeing.

Boeing expressed a need for a trained workforce to be available as positions for Assembly Mechanics, become available due to attrition. St. Louis Community College and Boeing, through the local WorkKeys® Service Center, profiled this occupation. The data was used to assess potential candidates and to develop specific training for the training program.

The College, in consultation with Boeing, established assessment scores required for entry into the program. Only those students meeting these assessment scores are considered for the program. WorkKeys® skills assessed for this program are applied math, locating information, reading for information, and observation.


Boeing Pre-Employment Training ProgramThe training program provides 208 hours of instruction in aircraft assembly techniques, accessing computer-based work instructions and teamwork. Currently there is no cost to students to attend this training. The costs are covered by a combination of resources provided by Boeing, St. Louis Community College and the Missouri Division of Workforce Development.

The participants must complete all of the 208 hours of instruction. If at any point, they receive a grade below 80% they are removed from the program.

Boeing Pre-Employment TrainingUpon completion of the training, participants receive a certificate of completion for 208 hours of Assembly Mechanics Training. Representatives from Boeing will attend a class session and discuss the application and interviewing process. Students individually must then go online and apply for a job with Boeing.

Program Statistics

Twenty-three sessions have been completed since November 2007 with 219 students completing training and 190 being placed into employment at Boeing and GKN Aerospace reflecting an 87% job placement rate.