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RecycleMania Overview

RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Over a 10-week period, schools report recycling and trash data which are then ranked into categories for largest amount of recycling or for largest waste reduction per capita. The goals vary according to school's desire to either compete with other schools or engage in benchmarking their amounts against a two week baseline. For more information, check out http://www.recyclemania.org/. Mostly, this national challenge hopes to:

  • Increase recycling awareness on campuses among faculty, staff and students;
  • Decrease trash (waste minimization) by fun challenges across campus personnel;
  • Heighten awareness of the school's waste management policies and practices, leading to improvements for cost saving and environmental benefits;
  • Act as a catalyst for campuses to engage in waste minimization from up front (purchasing) practices.