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Enrollment Overview

We've created unique enrollment experiences to address the diverse needs of our students. From the choices below, select a student type that aligns most to your individual situation for a comprehensive overview of the credit enrollment process.

First-time College Student

You're brand new to college

High School Student Wanting to Earn College Credit

You want to take college credits while attending high school and have finished your sophomore year

International Student

You are not a U.S. citizen

Online Learning Student

You plan to enroll in a web-based (online) class

Returning Student

You have taken college classes at STLCC before but aren't currently enrolled

Selected Courses Student

You plan to take only one or two classes at STLCC, and do not plan to earn a certificate or degree. This includes high school seniors who want to take a STLCC summer course before starting the fall semester at another college.

Transfer Student

You have taken college classes at another school, but are not enrolled at STLCC

Visiting Student

You're currently enrolled at another college, but want to take classes at STLCC. This includes taking summer courses at STLCC when you're home from college.


You have served our country, or you are a family member of a veteran