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I don't have to pay all my tuition upfront?

Paying for College

As college costs continue to rise, St. Louis Community College continues to keep a high-quality college education within reach. It costs nearly 70 percent less per year to attend St. Louis Community College than other public universities in Missouri-and that figure is based on tuition alone. When you factor in additional four-year college expenses like room and board, the value of an education from STLCC becomes even clearer.

As economical as it is to get an education at STLCC, we know that many students need financial assistance to attend. We offer a comprehensive financial aid program funded by federal, state and private agencies that includes grants, scholarships, loans and work. And the college now offers a tuition payment plan, NBS Payment Plan, that allows you to pay your maintenance fees (tuition) over time, which makes meeting your college expenses even easier.

At STLCC, we are committed to making higher education accessible and affordable for everyone. So don't let the cost of college keep you from going to college-contact any STLCC Financial Aid office to learn how we can help.