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Girl Scouts Attend STLCC Science and Engineering Day Camp

July 03, 2014

Girl Scouts at Science and Engineering Day Camp  
Girl Scouts from around the area create a product for blowing bubbles and learn about pricing, advertising and marketing during the eighth annual Science and Engineering Day camp at St. Louis Community College's Florissant Valley campus.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri partnered with St. Louis Community College to host the eight annual Science and Engineering Day Camp June 23-27. 


The camp was held at the Florissant Valley campus, where students in grades 6-8 participated in several hands-on activities exposing them to a variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.


The camp is designed to give the Girl Scouts a broader understanding of the world around them by meeting other girls and adults. They also experience activities they might not otherwise have, and push their limits to try and succeed at new things. They emerge as leaders and take that new confidence back into their schools and communities to inspire others, contributing to overall community well-being. 


More than 50 girls from the area, along with instructors and mentors from the college, explored activities in biology, engineering, physics, chemistry and business.


During biology sessions they dissected a kidney and learned about the body’s defense system. They also learned about greenhouses and how they work.


In engineering sessions, scouts used a computer-aided design program to create a personal ID tag and learned about lasers used for cutting and etching metal. They also explored robotics in manufacturing and used table-top robotic arms.


The students attended physics sessions, where they made a comet and designed a capsule to safely contain marshmallow astronauts for landing.


During chemistry sessions they learned about the different states of matter and their properties, as well as nanoparticles and their uses in today’s technology. In a business session, they developed a product for blowing bubbles and learned about pricing, advertising and marketing.


The camp also featured a field trip to Earth Dance Farms and the Little Creek Nature area.


The camp has been shown to fuel girls' interest in scientific and engineering pursuits through hands-on activities and interfacing with professionals from these fields that positively benefit the greater St. Louis community.