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Preparing for Graduation

Are you ready to graduate? Students who are close to graduating are encouraged to follow this checklist.

  1. Meet with an advisor at least once a semester prior to graduation.
  2. The advisor will prepare a graduation check to make sure graduation requirements have been met.
  3. If you have attended another institution, please contact them and have the transcript sent to: Central Student Records, 300 South Broadway St. Louis, MO 63102, if you haven't already sent them. 
  4. Follow up with your advisor to make sure all course substitution waivers have been completed (if applicable).
  5. If all graduation requirements have been met, complete the Application for Graduation form and your advisor will sign it.
  6. Return the Application for Graduation Form to a campus Enrollment Services office by one of the following deadlines.
    1. Summer Graduation - June 20
    2. Fall Graduation - October 7
    3. Spring Graduation - March 1
  7. The District Enrollment Services office will notify you of your graduation status. Applications filed after the deadline will not be processed. It is your responsibility to reapply for graduation.