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Become a Master Naturalist. Explore the majesty of nature, the beauty of landscape and gardening, and the importance of ecology in our world. From home gardening to birdwatching and exploring nature, the Master Naturalist program has it all!

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Love nature? Join the growing community of Master Naturalists!

STLCC's Master Naturalist program combines classroom learning and volunteerism to cultivate your interests, grow your knowledge and build your community connections. Learn more about this continuing education program, and get started today! Any of the classes on this page can be completed toward requirements of the Master Naturalist program.

The following courses may be taken individually and/or to meet curriculum requirements for STLCC's Master Naturalist program.

Class schedules provided below may change.

It happens every so often: classes are rescheduled, moved to a different classroom, etc. Want to see the most up-to-date information? Simply follow the orange button above to view current class details.

Unless otherwise specified in the course description, registration for online classes closes three business days prior to the class start date.

Indoor Composting: Make and Take Home a Bokashi Bucket

Don’t throw away those scraps...up to 20% of household trash can be composted! The bokashi bucket system, which can be used year-round, is quick, convenient and produces no household odors. In this hands-on session, construct and learn to maintain an indoor composting system capable of decomposing food and house plant trimmings for a family of four. In a space-saving bokashi system, effective microorganisms transform all types of kitchen waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. All equipment, materials and handouts provided and included in fee. You’ll create a working indoor composting system in the form of a bokashi bucket. Class offered in partnership with the Missouri Botanical Garden Earthways Center. Registration deadline 9/1. No refunds after this date. Course meets the curriculum requirements for the Master Naturalist program. 
ECOL-704 | 1 session | $59 AGE 60+ | $59 REG
F01 W 7-8:30 p.m. | Maggie McCoy
Sept. 9 | Online


Succulents are hot and trending in both gardening and decorating. Perfect for both the seasoned and forgetful gardener, this group of plants offers easy-to-care-for choices for your home. What to grow, how to grow, where to grow—we’ll cover it all with plenty of inspiring images to get you ready to grow these low-maintenance plants, both indoors and out. Course meets the curriculum requirements for the Master Naturalist program. 
HORT-722 | 1 session | $20 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
F01 W 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Mike Ochonicky
Oct. 7 | Online

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