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Calculator provides only an estimate. The Benefit Calculator provides an estimate of your NCERP benefit based upon data entered by you and assumes all years of service and salary entered by you are correct. In order to simplify your data entry, you may use approximations for salary entries. Consequently, a benefit calculation prepared by the plan coordinator will be different from the results of the online benefit calculator. If you require exact annual salaries please contact your NCERP plan coordinator. Please don't make any irrevocable decision based on the calculation assessment provided by this calculator.

Calculator does not produce an NCERP-generated estimate. The results of this benefit calculator should not be interpreted as either a promise of or contract for a given level of benefits. In the event of any conflict between this estimate and the provisions of the NCERP plan document as interpreted by the NCERP resolution of the Board of Trustees, the latter will control. Consequently, before making a final decision regarding retirement, you should contact the NCERP plan coordinator for a more accurate retirement benefit estimate.

Data entered on the calculator is not secure. When you run the benefit calculator, you will enter data about yourself and transmit it across the Internet. The information you provide is not stored nor is it intentionally transmitted to others. However, there is a chance that any data you enter may be viewed by others because this is not a secure site.

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