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2024-2026 Strategic Plan

Review our 2024-2026 proposed strategic plan and leave your comments.

Strategic Plan | 2024-2026

A Message from the Chancellor
Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D.

The process to develop the College’s 2024-2026 strategic plan began in June 2022 with the development of an overall strategic management process. During July, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis was completed by the leadership team. This analysis addressed key questions, including: What do we do well? Where can we improve? What external factors may facilitate College growth? What external factors may be obstacles to growth?

The results of the SWOT analysis were then thoroughly reviewed at a two-day strategic offsite meeting in August with STLCC’s Leadership Team and refined to create this preliminary version of the strategic plan.

2024-2026 Strategic Plan Highlights

  • An Exceptional Student Experience – The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan includes a premier student experience as a major theme. The 2024-2026 plan will continue with student focused efforts, building upon the successes realized from the current plan.
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies – Delivering an exceptional student experience requires consistent and solid execution of college-wide operations, built on a foundation of procedures and systems/automation. The new plan will focus on achieving excellence operationally.
  • STLCC as a “Best Place to Work” – The pandemic changed and reshaped the workplace dramatically. We know that STLCC’s employees are highly valued, so this plan focuses on ensuring that we attract, recruit, retain and grow our people professionally as we make the College a “best place to work.”

The 2024-2026 strategic plan is abbreviated when compared to the current plan. This is by design as it reflects a philosophy of “less is more.” This simply means we want to be highly focused on a limited number of critical elements in the initial phase of the strategic plan. We believe this approach will result in the solid execution and achievement of desired outcomes. 

The following illustrates the high-level elements of the 2024-2026 strategic plan -- its themes, goals and projects. It also includes the current vision, mission and core values, which are being revisited for any updates that may be needed.

As you review the plan, I encourage you to share your feedback with the strategic planning team. This input will assist us as we move into the next phase of the planning process and further define the areas of focus that will be incorporated into the 2024-2026 strategic plan.

Your engagement and contribution in this process will help ensure that STLCC is the best choice to meet the needs of students, continuing education, and the community for years to come.

Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D., Chancellor


Empowering students. Expanding minds. Changing lives.


St. Louis Community College will be a national leader and model institution for inclusive and transformative education that strengthens the communities we serve through the success of our students.



Students First

Everything we do supports student success and removes barriers.

Respect for All

We promote equitable treatment and respectful discourse in all interactions with students, each other and the community.


We act with honesty, trustworthiness and ethical behavior.


Working collectively, we achieve more than working individually or within separate groups.

Data Informed

We make decisions in the best interests of students and the institution based on reliable data.

2024-2026 Strategic Plan: Themes, Goals and Projects

Theme 1:  Create an Exceptional Student Experience
Prime departments leading:  Academic Affairs; Student Affairs

Goal A.

Increase enrollment and retention.

  1. Implement Guided Pathways.
  2. Improved campus life.
  3. Customer service.

Theme 2:  Improve Operational Efficiencies

Prime departments leading:  Project Management Office; Facilities; Finance

Goal A.

Process documentation, automation and training.

  1. Accounts Payable workflow automation.
  2. Payroll process efficiencies.
  3. "Fix-It" process for Facilities matters.

Theme 3:  Best Place to Work
Prime department leading:  Human Resources; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Marketing and Communications

Goal A.

Recognition of STLCC as a "Best Place to Work" in the St. Louis region.

  1. Increased benefit awareness for employees.
  2. Improved internal communications.
  3. Diversity and inclusion initiatives. 


Thank you for your interest in STLCC's strategic plan review process. To submit questions or comments, please contact the strategic planning team via email at:  stlccstrategicplan@stlcc.edu

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