Great higher education is within your reach:

At ⅓ the cost of area institutions, STLCC is affordable. Here, you save over $4,700 per year compared to a public 4-year institution.

An associates’ degree in St. Louis empowers you to earn on average $10,600 more per year than a high school diploma does.

By utilizing Core 42, STLCC serves as a launchpad to public 4-year institutions in Missouri for more students than any other Missouri community college.

6 locations + 7 sports teams + 3 theaters + 4 art galleries + 4 music ensembles + over 120 student organizations = 1 magnetic STLCC community.

With hundreds of online courses and 6 programs entirely online, STLCC makes your education fit your life.

STLCC is institutionally accredited by the HLC, and many of our programs have been accredited or approved by recognized accrediting bodies.