Campus Guidelines on Distribution of Information

St. Louis Community College follows the STLCC policy that endorses the principle of freedom of expression for all persons.

However, such freedom is not absolute, and the rights of colleges and universities to regulate time, place and manner of such expressions is well-established. In order to honor the right of free expression to the many entities that wish to communicate with our students while protecting against the intrusion upon or interference with the academic programs and administrative processes of STLCC, the guidelines have been adopted. These guidelines are intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities of STLCC, members of the STLCC community, and visitors and guests regarding the distribution of materials.

Please use the following links to access specific information about each campus:

Florissant Valley guidelines

Meramec guidelines

Wildwood guidelines

Campus guidelines for making presentations, offer petitions or other expressive activities other than distribution of materials.



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