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STLCC Textbook Rental & Library Returns

When it’s time to return your STLCC Bookstore textbook rentals and materials that you have checked out from the campus library ...

Items listed below can be returned 24/7 in the book returns at Florissant Valley, Forest Park, Meramec, and Wildwood campuses.

Materials You Should Return

  • Books, DVDs, CDs and graphing calculators borrowed from the libraries.
    Do not return any other technology in the book returns, such as laptops, cameras, voice recorders, etc. Check your STLCC email for instructions on returning such items.
  • Textbook rentals from the bookstores. Do not return book buybacks in the campus book returns.

Book Return Locations

Please refer to the appropriate campus map for book return locations at each campus.

Florissant Valley Map |  Forest Park Map  |  Meramec Map  |  Wildwood Map

Questions about bookstore returns?

Please email your campus' bookstore representative.

Florissant Valley

Julie Stillman, Auxiliary Manager

Forest Park & Harrison Center

Ellen Gough, Auxiliary Manager

Meramec, Wildwood, South County

Rodney Jones, Auxiliary Manager

Questions about library returns?

Forest Park

Monica Holland, Library Manager

Florissant Valley

Christopher White, Library Associate

Meramec, Wildwood

Roger Thomas, Library Manager


Questions about loaned laptop returns?

Contact the STLCC Information Technology Help Desk

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