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BRaTT Program Named STLCC Innovation of the Year

The biomanufacturing, research and technical training (BRaTT) program, which provides a detailed overview of the entire biomanufacturing process, has been chosen as St. Louis Community College’s Innovation of the Year.

Ellen Ryan,  Project Manager and Biologics Consultant for Pharma Services with Thermo Fisher, Guest Lecturer,  leads training related to Bioprocessing operations.BRaTT originally was designed as professional development for individuals already in biomanufacturing roles with local companies. This interactive course is designed to prepare employees to work in production settings where biological products are being made. It was offered in a five-week, one meeting per week format that included a combination of lectures and hands-on activities, including extensive laboratory work.

Late in 2022, Thermo Fisher Scientific requested a more efficient delivery offered frequently to accommodate the number of new hires who could benefit from the training and help Thermo Fisher Scientific on board these workers. The training was adjusted to target someone new to the field and incorporated necessary skills to help these new employees feel less overwhelmed in a production setting to which they may never have been exposed.

The training currently is offered exclusively to Thermo Fisher Scientific one time per month, but there are plans to open this up in a modular format to startups, small- and medium-sized companies later this year.

While Workforce Solutions Group offers support for BRaTT, this training was developed and is delivered by the Center for Plant and Life Sciences. The CPLS is a satellite campus located within the Bio Research and Development Growth (BRDG) Park, an industry building within the 39 North Innovation District.

STLCC employees involved in BRaTT are:

  • Elizabeth Boedeker, district director, Center for Plant and Life Sciences
  • Laura Moore, senior scientist and CRO coordinator, Center for Plant and Life Sciences
  • Eric Whitehead, senior program manager, Workforce Solutions Group
  • Thi Nguyen, former senior scientist and CRO coordinator, Center for Plant and Life Sciences

Thermo Fisher Scientific employees involved in BRaTT are:

  • Kent Rau, director of strategic initiatives
  • Marie Capunky, senior manager of product quality

The League for Innovation in the Community College established the Innovation of the Year Awards to recognize an individual or group from each of the league board and alliance member colleges who use creative, productive approaches to meet new needs or solve old problems. Criteria for the award are quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, replication, creativity and timeliness. STLCC has participated in the program since 1983-84.

The other innovations considered for the district honor were:

First Year Experience at STLCC: A Co-Curricular Program (districtwide entry by new student programs department, Victoria Cannon, Stephanie Church, Dedra Duncan, Sarah Kelly, Danielle Klobe and Mariah Palmer) -- FYE is comprised of learning modules to help first-year students adapt to college at STLCC and gain valuable skills that will help them inside and outside the classroom. Each learning module has a seminar, event and peer mentor office hours to support the learning outcomes. The program is designed to help students get involved on campus, set goals, learn study skills, and much more.

Remote Classroom Access Using SWIVL (Kelly Mueller, Myles Hinton, Sean Gold and Amy Bird) -- SWIVL is a small robot that uses an iPad and can “swivel” back and forth by following a marker worn by the professor. The Access office has used SWIVL technology for various applications for several years and extended its use to provide remote learning opportunities in specific cases.


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