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STLCC Launches Idea and Innovation Hub to Drive Change

Monday, February 12, 2024

Conversations have the power to spark change, and an initiative proposed by the Wildwood senate for an employee suggestion box is a prime example.

Today marks the official launch of a new tool by STLCC that not only addresses this need but goes further. Richard Stephenson, Ed.D., director of academic success and tutoring and Wildwood senate chair, explains.

“It's similar to an employee suggestion box, but it goes further. It functions as a hub for ideas, fostering innovation and encouraging constructive feedback."

STLCC’s Idea and Innovation Hub, accessible to employees through SharePoint, stands as a collaborative achievement between the project management office (PMO) and marketing and communications. Its purpose is to cultivate a culture of ongoing enhancement within the College by providing employees transparent access to insights regarding ideas and initiatives.

Starting Feb. 12, Wildwood employees are invited to share ideas using the Idea and Innovation Hub. Following an initial trial phase, the platform will be expanded across the College.

“We recognize the valuable perspectives and insights of faculty and staff, which is why we encourage them to use this new tool," said Anthony Denning, executive director of operations and quality. “Each idea will undergo thorough review. Upon submission, it will be evaluated by the PMO, aiming to link it with innovations and enhancements that drive change across the College."

For questions regarding STLCC’s Idea and Innovation Hub, please contact stlccpmo@stlcc.edu.  

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