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Honors Benefits at Florissant Valley

According to current Honors students, there are good reasons to participate in the Honors Program at Florissant Valley. Honors students are recognized as achievers by both employers and educational institutions. Honors credit gives students an edge in the job market and in scholarship awards. Our honors students are receiving full and partial scholarships both at FlorissantValley and transfer institutions.

Top Teaching Faculty

The faculty who teach Honors sections or who collaborate with students on Honors contracts are some of the best and most innovative Florissant Valleyfaculty. The faculty enjoy discovering new ways of working with students.

Honors Advising

The Academic Advising office has designated one adviser to work with the Honors students. This adviser also is a member of the Honors/Liberal Arts Steering Committee so there is direct communication of student needs and concerns between the advising staff and the Honors program.

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