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Honors Program Benefits

Enhanced Academics

The academic work will truly challenge bright, conscientious students. Honors classes are smaller, more sophisticated versions of standard courses. Honors classes provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers and closely with some of Meramec’s finest faculty. Additionally, Honors contracts allow students to focus on projects of special interest to them.

STLCC Honors Scholarships

Board of Trustees Honors College Scholarship recipients must be qualified to participate in the Honors program. The scholarship covers up to 12 credit hours per semester; automatic renewal if in compliance with scholarship criteria up to two semesters. Candidates can be nominated by the honors advisory board; if not nominated, then student must have completed 24 college-level credit hours and have a cumulative 3.5 GPA. Award amount=$1,272/semester; $2,544/year.

Transfer Scholarships

Many Honors program scholars receive lucrative transfer scholarships to area universities, including Washington University, St. Louis University, Lindenwood University and the Pierre Laclede Honors College at UMSL.

Academic/Transferring Mentoring

Our Honors advisor and Honors program coordinator collaborate with students to ensure academic advancement by placing them in classes with distinguished faculty who offer individual attention and specialized coursework.

The Honors program offers one-on-one mentoring to students interested in transferring to four year universities. Students plan a transfer timeline, gather contact information, take advantage of networking opportunities, and acquire knowledge about transfer scholarships.

Additional Benefits

  • Honors designation on course transcript and diploma.
  • Special recognition at graduation and college awards banquet.
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