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General Transfer Studies

Associate in Arts (AA)


General Transfer Studies

Associate in Arts (AA)

Offered through General Transfer Programs

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Completing an associate in arts degree in General Transfer Studies at STLCC will help you hit the ground running when you transfer to the four-year school of your choice to finish your Bachelor’s degree. While you work on your 42-credit hour CORE 42 general transfer block, an academic advisor will help you select 18 additional credit hours that will round out your associate in arts degree—be sure to also work with an academic advisor at your transfer school to ensure smooth transfer when you move on to pursue your bachelor’s degree.

Required Courses

There are two groups of courses you need to complete to earn your General Transfer Studies degree.

The first group is the CORE 42 general education block. This 42-credit hour block of courses is fully transferable to all Missouri public colleges and universities. 

The remaining 18 credits of your degree are electives. You may select from any of STLCC's courses (100 level and above) to satisfy this requirement. You can explore different topics, or focus on required courses for your bachelor's degree. We recommend that you meet with an academic advisor or consult with your four-year institution to choose these electives wisely.

The recommended academic plan blends general education requirements with options for areas of concentration to ensure students get the most out of their certificate or degree. 



More than one million students have attended STLCC. It’s the largest institute of higher education in the region and the second largest in Missouri.

Faculty and Staff

St. Louis Community College expands minds and changes lives every day by offering high-quality educational experiences leading to degrees, certificates, employment, university transfer and life-long learning.

Campus Life

St. Louis Community College offers students several opportunities to develop and expand their interests outside of the classroom. We provide opportunities to participate in service learning, leadership development, civic engagement activities, community service projects, clubs/organizations and other special presentations.

Affordable Education

As college costs continue to rise, St. Louis Community College continues to keep a high-quality college education within reach. It costs nearly 70 percent less per year to attend St. Louis Community College than other public universities in Missouri-and that figure is based on tuition alone. When you factor in additional four-year college expenses like room and board, the value of an education from STLCC becomes even clearer.

Cost of Attendance

For more information on cost of attendance visit MoSCORES.

Program Career and Salary Information

Pursuant to Missouri HB 1606 (2018), information regarding the number of credit hours, program length, employment rate, wage data, and graduates employed in careers related to their program of study at St. Louis Community College can be found at https://scorecard.mo.gov/. Search using School / Program “St. Louis Community College” and choose the degree or credential type of interest.

The following limitations to the data apply - Information provided is based on the most recent cohorts available. Typically, most recent cohorts for wage and completion data are six years prior to the current academic year. Time to complete a program of study varies depending on the number of credit hours students earn per semester.

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