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Wildwood Transformed

The College looks to the future with the expansion of the campus and a new building.

Health Sciences and Technology Center

Sunset view of the new building

Health Sciences and Technology Center

The Health Sciences and Technology Center aims to serve students in new ways and meet the region's job training needs. This facility will feature state-of-the-art STEM labs, space to double the capacity of Wildwood's nursing program, and bring new programs like advanced imaging, drone and geospatial technology, and physical therapy to the campus. Other features include:

  • An outdoor lab with a netted enclosure for drone and geospatial technology
  • An ambulance simulator for paramedic students to practice patient care
  • A Student Advocacy and Resource Center that offers a food pantry and clothing closet

Project Updates

Stay in the know with the Health Sciences and Technology Center's latest milestones as the construction phase progresses.

Exterior brick installation progress

Sheathing and Masonry

June 2024—Progress was made with fireproofing, electrical conduits, plumbing, and ductwork. Contractors continued framing the interior rooms and installing drywall. Exterior sheathing wrapped up on the north side ahead of the brick veneer installation. Landscaping and concrete curbs are also underway for the new parking lot.

drone enclosure installation

Drone Enclosure Installed

May 2024—In late May, contractors continued exterior wall framing and interior partitioning. They also installed the drone enclosure to the west of the new building, where students taking drone courses at STLCC will be able to hone their piloting skills.

Exterior sheathing and masonry on south side

Sheathing, Masonry and Roof Progress

May 2024—In early May, contractors continued to work on interior partitioning, waterproofing and masonry blocks. Drywall boards were installed for exterior sheathing, while work continued on the roof for the south side and prep work began for the north side. Landscaping also started for the new parking lot.

Metal door frames and partitioning installation

Door Frames and Interior Partitions

April 2024—Metal door frames were installed and work began on interior partitioning, which will divide the building's rooms. Contractors also worked on exterior framing and sheathing, mineral wool insulation installation, and installing the roof on the south side.

Sunlight coming in through steelframe

Steel, Insulation and MEP

March 2024—March was a busy month for contractors. On the south side of the building, roof steel was installed, insulation and drywall installation began, and ductwork, plumbing, and electrical work continued. On the north side of the building, steel erection continued, formwork for concrete was set up, and ductwork and fireproofing steel began.

Steel, Drywall and Roof Progress

Feb. 2024—Contractors continued to install steel, decking sheets and concrete throughout the month. On the south side of the building, drywall boards were installed on the second level, fireproofing steel and fire protection systems were added, and ductwork continued. On the north side, electrical work progressed and concrete floors were poured.

Beam is placed into the steel structure

Beam Topping Out

Jan. 2024—The beam that was signed in December by employees and students was placed into the structure. This topping out celebration signifies reaching the highest point in construction.

Wide view of the building structure

Concrete and Steel Installation

Jan. 2024—Construction crews installed steel beams, columns, and decking sheets, concrete curbs around the new parking lot, and formwork for the floor slab on the south side of the building. 

Employees sign a beam

Beam Signing

Dec. 2023—Students and staff gathered to sign their names on one of the beams that will soon be added to the Health Sciences and Technology Center structure. Their names will become part of STLCC history as the beam supports the new building for years to come.

Steel framework around elevator

Steel Erection Begins

Nov. 2023—Steel erection is officially underway, with columns, beams and trusses going up around the new building's southern elevator. Contractors also installed concrete hollow blocks for the northern elevator and poured concrete for wall forms and footing pads.

New parking lot

New Parking Lot

Nov. 2023—A new gravel lot was added in mid-November to lessen parking pains on campus. This lot is accessible through parking lot C and offers approximately 40 additional vehicles to park at STLCC-Wildwood.

site camera progress

Progress is Made

Oct. 2023—Contractors completed the installation of storm pipes and structures as well as ground conduits. Excavation and rebar installation are starting on the north side of the site as contractors wrap up the south side. Subcontractors continue to drill for elevator shafts and install waterproofing and insulation on the building's southwest wall.

Site camera shows progress

Footings and Foundations

Aug. 2023—Contractors started laying out the footings and foundations for the installation of steel and concrete. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing phase also started with underground work.

site camera view of construction progress

Construction Begins with Excavation

July 2023—In July, contractors kicked off the construction phase with excavating and backfilling the construction site.

Groundbreaking dirt turn


May 2023—STLCC broke ground on the Health Sciences and Technology Center on May 25. College officials were joined by building partners, state officials, community leaders and public members for the first of six construction projects planned throughout the district.

View Construction Cameras

Building Renderings

Get an inside look at the anticipated features of the new facility.

Interior main entrance

Main Lobby

Aerial view of new building

Aerial View

student lounge rendering

Student Lounge

Key Facts

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2025

Size: 132,900 square feet 

Estimated Cost: $84.5 million

Architect: Christner Architects

Construction Manager: Kwame Building Group

Contractor: BSI Constructors

Program offerings include:

  • Geospatial Technology
  • Nursing
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Echocardiography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Computed Tomography
  • Paramedic Technology
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Clinical Laboratory Technology
Quad view of the new building


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