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Customized Training and Performance Improvement

WSG provides expert curriculum development and instructional design services to provide a wide variety of customized training solutions. We have been serving our clients for over 20 years in these areas and have a wide base of experience to bring to your organization. We have a results-oriented development approach which guarantees that classroom learning transfers to desired business outcomes. Our areas of expertise include: 

New Hire Orientation Programs

Research has shown that poor on-boarding of an employee contributes to higher turnover, slower achievement of desired productivity, poor morale with possible negative impact on the work group and ongoing issues of low performance. 

Our WSG associates can provide you with a complete, standardized New Hire Orientation Program based on criteria you identify as core requirements. We work with you in performing a Front End Assessment of your needs and coordinate with all company departments involved in on-boarding such as Safety, HR, and Quality, as desired. WSG associates are able to coach and facilitate your employees in this process or we can provide a turnkey approach wherein we perform the majority of the development and delivery. 

We have designed programs for all types of employees: operator, line supervisor, highly skilled technicians (mechanical, electrical, pharmaceutical), and manager level.

Skill Gap and Cross Training Development

Rapidly changing conditions in today’s economy require companies to be agile in seeking out skill gaps and closing these efficiently. Cross training employees is also a key strategy or even a necessity in today’s flat business organizational structure. WSG associates are skilled in all aspects of designing and implementing these types of programs: from assessment of the skill needs, to rapid prototyping course curriculum, to finding delivery techniques with the least disruption to on-going work. 

  • Examples of these types of programs cover an extremely wide range:
  • Customer Service Training on technical aspects of product; interface with Engineering
  • Technical Writing Class for Scientific Writers using an Operating Procedure template
  • Manufacturing New Equipment Start Up and Cross Training
  • Business Writing for Managers
  • Sales training for Customer Service Reps
  • Continuous Improvement Process training for Managers to improve Bill of Materials system
  • Communications across the organization for Returned Merchandise procedure

Train the Trainer

WSG has prepared Train the Trainer programs for several types of trainers – Managers, First Line Supervisors, Team Leads and OJT Qualifications Trainers. We are able to customize these standard programs to meet your specific needs. Our performance based approach to training design and delivery is particularly effective with Train the Trainer programs. We can help your company determine the most important criteria for success for your Trainers and design these into your program. 

Standardized Work Documents – Operations Manuals & Job Aids

Most jobs require extensive written and electronic support materials for the employee to be successful. Employees constantly rely on diverse “aids” to provide the “how to’s” needed to accomplish their jobs. Standardized work documents give people the information they need to do their job, when they need it. These can be hard copy, electronic, large posters or pocket sized flip charts. 

Types of documents include: 

  • step-by-step procedures, “how to” task lists, or SOPs
  • standardized equipment manuals – operations or maintenance
  • decision matrices and frequently asked questions (FAQ) guides (for call centers etc.)
  • forms for data collection or worksheets to aid calculations or data entry
  • job aids providing needed reference materials for specific tasks; many formats

Continuous Improvement Projects with Training

Sometimes a company is not sure what training is needed, but they are aware of a process that really is not working. It appears training might be involved, but before investing in a class that might waste time, it makes sense to evaluate the root cause of the process problem. WSG associates are experts at this type of project. 

We use a front end assessment approach which involves interviews, investigating existing conditions and data (sometimes assessing curriculum and learning materials) and then determining root cause. We assist the company to improve the process first and then design training appropriate to the newly improved process. This is an extremely effective approach.

 We have successfully conducted these types of projects for manufacturing, customer service, food processing, bill of materials systems, and other processes.

For more information on advancing your business with these techniques contact Eric Whitehead at 314-539-5022.

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