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Leadership Foundations

At the heart of any organization’s success is the performance of its management and employee work teams. Corporate Services develops and delivers a wide array of leadership and employee development training programs designed to prepare leaders and associates at all levels of an organization for the demands of today’s continually evolving business environment. Our project managers and subject matter experts will work with you on every step of the process from needs analysis, curriculum development, and delivery to follow up coaching and assessment of impact. We are a certified provider of DDI Leadership and Customer Service Programs. Our combination of state-of the art diagnostic tools, innovative programs, best in class instructors and personalized follow-up help St. Louis businesses advance by investing in the performance of their employees.

Why Invest in Leadership and Professional Development Solutions?

Today’s organizations don’t stand still. They rapidly evolve, based upon economic challenges, technological innovations, employee demographics and strategic business plans. For organizations to remain competitive and successful in a turbulent environment, their supervisors, managers and executives need strong managerial, team and relationship-building skills to complement and support strategic initiatives. Management and team development programs can:

  • Diagnose areas for improvement
  • Improve planning, management and organizational responses to change
  • Implement innovative solutions that align training with current business initiatives
  • Enhance problem solving and decision making capabilities
  • Augment career development and succession planning
  • Build new skills in a collaborative environment based on real-world scenarios

For more information on advancing your business by providing leadership and professional development training to your employees, contact Eric Whitehead at 314-539-5022.

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