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The Corporate College is also a WorkKeys Solutions Center. The WorkKeys® system is used by thousands of companies worldwide as a tool to help employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain the high-performance workforce necessary to compete successfully in today’s global economy.

The system has been developed by ACT, an international leader in education assessment and workforce development services. Over the past decade, ACT has completed thousands of job task and skill profiles for small, medium and large companies. It has also administered millions of assessments throughout the United States. WorkKeys links education and workforce partners within a community, offering a common language to help them communicate about job skills needed to develop employees and build a better workforce.

WorkKeys Solutions & Benefits to Employers

WorkKeys gives you a complete solution for employee selection and development. This powerful solution offers both Foundational Skills and Soft Skills assessments, enabling you to assess the full potential of applicants and employees. The tools in this comprehensive system can be mixed and matched to meet diverse organizational needs. The WorkKeys assessments give reliable, relevant information about employee and applicant skill levels that can be used to refine the applicant pool, match candidates to jobs, and identify skill gaps that hinder productivity.

What are the benefits of using the WorkKeys system for employers

  • Offers a proven methodology and reliable results for hiring, promoting and training decisions
  • Assists with the development of valid, legal and efficient selection processes
  • Provides a comprehensive system to refine applicant pools, match candidates to jobs and identify skill gaps
  • Integrates with the ISO 9000 standards for quality business practices
  • Enhances the ability to develop and retain a high performance workforce
  • Improves the efficiency and cost of training practices
  • Aids in the reduction of turnover, overtime, and waste
  • Meets requirements adopted by EEOC
  • Represents common language through worldwide recognition and usage

“The WorkKeys program has helped our organization hire and maintain a higher quality of employee. It has helped make us fully aware of the skills of the applicants interviewing for positions within our organization.”
- Sara Hagan, Human Resources Coordinator, Luxco Spirited Brands

WorkKeys Resources & Benefits for Individual Job Seekers

Taking WorkKeys assessments is an important first step to prepare for education, training, or a career. The assessment questions are based on situations in the daily work world. WorkKeys scores help compare individual skills to the skills real jobs require. Employers are requiring the WorkKeys assessments or recommending the National Career Readiness Certificate.

National Career Readiness Certificate

Employers across the country report that they are often overwhelmed by stacks of applications for only a handful of open positions. Sifting through these applications is time-consuming and inefficient. Employers need a way to quickly pinpoint individuals with essential, verifiable workplace skills. That’s why they’re asking applicants to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™). This certificate proves that you have the skills needed for the job. The certificate is issued by ACT and recognized by companies throughout the country. Take the first key step toward proving your workplace skills by earning the National Career Readiness Certificate.

More info on the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

WorkKeys Assessment Credentials

Foundational Skills Assessments

  • Applied Math
  • Graphic Literacy
  • Workplace Documents

Advanced Foundational Skills Assessments

  • Applied Technology
  • Business Writing
  • Workplace Observation

Soft Skill Assessments

  • Fit
  • Talent

View explanation of each assessment


WorkKey Solutions Contact

For more information contact Steve Schnell, email is the preferred method of contact for the quickest and easiest  response.
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