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Freshman Academic Orientation

The First Year Experience

STLCC offers many excellent opportunities for students to gain the resources and skills they need to be successful in an academic setting. 

There are several components in this program: College Orientation and Study Skills, Cornerstone Course and Freshman Academic Orientation.

COL:020 -- College Orientation and Study Skills

This three-credit course is for developmental students who are new to the college. It is designed to facilitate a successful college experience for the first-year student taking developmental courses. Students will be introduced to the processes and purposes of higher education. In addition, students will develop college-level study skills and will learn about college resources to assist them in their personal and academic adjustment to college life.

  • Any first semester student who places into developmental English and/or developmental Reading will benefit from taking this course.
  • If a student has placed into developmental classes and has been here for a semester or longer and is not experiencing academic success, this course will help them. 
  • Students who have completed their "020" semester and need to work at the "030" level before moving into 100-level classes would benefit from this course. 
  • Academically at-risk students who need to limit the number of academic classes they take in a single semester would be well-advised to enroll in COL:020. Rather than taking a three-credit-hour course which will require them to work in another academic area, this course will reinforce what they are learning in their other courses.

Cornerstone Course

This is a three-credit-hour introductory level course in which, through a variety of themes and topics, students will be introduced to the overall goal of general education and will explore the moral and ethical values of a diverse society in order to understand their own decision-making process. Students will learn how to identify the arguments of others and how to articulate their own. Skills such as communicating, higher-order thinking and managing information, as well as orientation skills conducive to the successful completion of a college education, will be integrated throughout the course. This is a technology-enhanced course that requires students to gain proficiency in the basic use of computers. Prerequisites: ENG:030 or appropriate placement test score, and RDG:030 or appropriate placement test score and Reading Proficiency.

COL:100 -- Freshman Academic Orientation

This one-credit-hour course is for students who are working at the transfer level and are new to the college. Through interactive learning experiences, this course introduces students to college-level thinking skills, interpersonal skills and effective study skills necessary for academic success. Students have the opportunity to participate in a faculty/student academic mentoring program. Prerequisite: reading proficiency.