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Diversity and Inclusion at STLCC

Diversity: It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are. At STLCC, we’re committed to creating accessible, dynamic learning environments focused on the needs of our diverse communities.

Putting Inclusion into Action

In August 2014, the events of Ferguson, Missouri, gave a call to action. In this unprecedented moment, we focused on how we could provide an environment of diversity, inclusion, equity and justice for the STLCC community. Read more about how we answered this call in a letter from our chancellor, Dr. Jeff. L Pittman.

At STLCC, we strive to foster an atmosphere of appreciation for all people, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status or class.

But this atmosphere doesn’t just happen. To cultivate this culture, we created an action plan.

“Our plan is more than a “to-do” list, it’s a blueprint to transform how we engage with diversity and inclusion.”

-Dr. Jeff L. Pittman, Chancellor

Diversity Council

To help realize this plan, we created our Diversity Council. The council is charged with promoting an atmosphere of appreciation for all people at STLCC and ensuring the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Strategic Initiatives are implemented.

Strategic Initiatives

Institutional Transformation:

Change begins within. To begin our commitment, we’re reviewing our hiring practices and investing in the training for leadership, faculty, staff and students. We’re reviewing our facility accommodations and policies to ensure we’re supporting the college’s message of inclusion. The college is also partnering with the National Education Association, and other collective bargaining units, to give faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in the process.

The Student Experience: 

We’re ensuring every student receives the highest level of service—from registration to graduation. The college is encouraging our faculty to include the Diversity Statement in their curriculum, syllabus and other communication. Our leadership team is working to create equal access to resources, regardless of the student’s background. We are also encouraging our student to create resource groups to promote diversity, create cultural awareness and foster respect for others through orientation seminars and workshops.

Community Partnerships:

We’re strengthening relationships with organizations involved in community advocacy. These efforts include working with local chambers of commerce, supporting community initiatives, and providing outreach to underserved areas.


We’re letting our mission of inclusion lead all of the college’s branding, messaging and public relations. This includes commercials, signage, web presence and social media, as well as its internal and external communication.

Meet the Diversity Council

Michelle A. Martin Bonner, MACM, JD

Director of Recruitment, Learning & Retention
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