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Peterson Photography Lecture Series

The Streets Are Flooded: A Photo Flood Saint Louis Event Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022

The 9th Annual Peterson Photography Lecture Series

The 9th Annual Peterson Photography Lecture Series featured a panel of members from Photo Flood Saint Louis moderated by artist and educator Jamie Kreher, one of PFSTL’s original founders. Panelists included Jason Gray (PFSTL original founder), Ann Aurbach (PFSTL Asst. Dir.) and Mike Matney (PFSTL Asst. Dir. and Co-Author).

About Photo Flood Saint Louis

Since 2012, the members of Photo Flood Saint Louis have crisscrossed the entire city of St. Louis on foot to showcase the vibrant histories, people and built environments that distinguish each neighborhood. Celebrating this achievement, the exhibit displays the diverse talents of the organization’s 600+ members. PFSTL consists of professional and amateur photographers who monthly visit St. Louis area neighborhoods.

Meet Our Presenters

Jamie Kreher is professor and photography program coordinator at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. She earned her MFA in photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her current projects emphasize the photograph’s status as an everyday object while raising questions about preciousness, rarity, meaning, and monumentality.

Jason Gray is a freelance photographer and artist specializing in post documentary work. His clients include Island Press, Dallas Museum of Art, KDHX, HEC TV, St. Louis Magazine, Terrain Magazine and more. He is currently the Image Rights Manager at the Saint Louis Art Museum, where he has also worked as a Preparator and Photography Studio Manager.

Ann Aurbach is a freelance event, theatre and fine art photographer. Her photography work focuses on macro photography, the art of capturing the up close. Her clients include City of Olivette, Circus Kaput and Center of Creative Arts. She currently is the Photography Manager at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Mike Matney is a photographer from Troy, Illinois. His photographic work focuses on the objects we overlook in our daily lives. Mike is also the primary dog photographer at Partners for Pets, an Illinois dog and cat rescue. He currently works as Data Analyst at Scott Air Force Base and is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Mike was selected as an emerging artist by the Foundry Arts Center in 2020 and the Jacoby Arts Center in 2021.

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