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A 2020 Vision of Landscape Painting

A 2020 Vision of Landscape Painting

Welcome to STLCC-Wildwood’s Landscape exhibition. This exhibit features artwork by Ken Worley, Ahzad Bogosian and Lesley Richmond.

About the Exhibit

This exhibit, which has been made possible through the generous support of the Duane Reed Art Gallery of St. Louis. This exhibit is on display on the second floor of STLCC-Wildwood from Sept. 8 through Oct. 16. The gallery can also be explored virtually.

LANDSCAPE / lan(d)-,skap\ n. 1 a : a picture representing a view of inland scenery b : the art of depicting such scenery c : a portion of territory that the eye can comprehend in a single view. These landscapes are derived from observation as well as the imagination.

About the Artists

Ahzad Bogosian

Ahzad Bogosian ArtistAhzad Bogosian was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree of Fine Arts from Fontbonne University. Channeling the Midwest and Western landscapes as sources for his mood-rich paintings, Bogosian has developed an extensive and breathtaking body of work.

According to Bogosian, “My work is a response to the atmospheric, sublime qualities and spiritual essence that exists in landscapes. Using memory sketches and photographs, I paint on canvas, wood, and paper to explore scale, brushwork, and my emotional response to these images. I see timelessness in the work. A sense of tranquilly and serenity in this digital era.”

A co-founder of IN/Form, a not-for-profit arts group in St. Louis, Bogosian has also organized and curated many shows and exhibitions, such as “Five Views of the Midwest” and the 2012 exhibition “Paper” at the Regional Arts Commission Gallery in St. Louis. His work is in many publications, including “New American Paintings” and John Driscoll’s 1998 book, “The Artist and the American Landscape.”

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Lesley Richmond

Artist Lesley RichmondLesley Richmond was born in Cornwall, England. She now lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She taught in the textile arts program at Capilano University, Vancouver, Canada to 2003 while continuing her practice as a studio artist. She now works full-time in her studio.

Her work is in collections in the USA, Japan, Poland, Korea and Canada, including but not limited to: Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, Baltimore Museum of Art, and The Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland.

She photographs trees, focusing on the intricacy of their branching structures and then prints these images on cloth, using a medium that creates a dimensional surface. She then eliminates selected background areas, leaving the structural images of trees as the dominant feature. The images are then painted with metal patinas and pigments.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in teaching from Trent Park College in London, England and a master’s degree in education from Western Washington University.

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Ken Worley

Artist Ken WorleyKen Worley’s goal is to record through his paintings the feel of his favorite small patch of nature rather than its literal appearance, in a subtle way that brings the viewer’s attention to the difference.

“Landscapes are sensory things,” he wrote. “They are always changing. One has no control over a landscape. And there’s a mystery to them. Viewing a landscape is like looking at chaos and discovering order by making some sense of it. There’s so much adventure in there, so many possibilities.”

Worley depicts a world surreally free of both men and their structures.

“I’m painting light, but not entirely with an Impressionist’s preoccupation,” he describes. “I enjoy the works of Vermeer, de Chirico and Balthus...because of the glassy stillness of the ‘air’ in their paintings, the sense of suspended drama. Perhaps the tradition I work in is close to Edward Hopper or Ingmar Bergman in the sense that my landscapes are actually ‘sets’ or ‘settings’ in which some human activity will occur or has just occurred.”

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For more information about the artists, or to purchase any artwork listed for sale in the exhibit, contact Mark Weber, gallery coordinator, at mweber@stlcc.edu .
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