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The Sun & The Moon

Featuring the work of:

Ivan Aka, Aleister Manah, Riushi Mazda and Metra Mitchell

Oct. 25-Dec. 10, 2021

St. Louis Community College at Wildwood
Gallery of Contemporary Art

A statement from Metra Mitchell, exhibit curator:

The sun and the moon represent the unity of opposites within a field of tension. Sunlight is the supreme cosmic power providing energy needed for the day. Moonlight is the lamp on a dark night. The deeply personal energies of these luminaries may represent the seen and unseen parts of the psyche.

Symbolically, the light of the sun and the dark energy of the moon express outer and inner personalities. These Two Truths are the natural counterpart to each other. Joined as one, these celestial symbols represent the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The duality of light and dark are presented in this show through the mystical mediums of design, drawing and painting.

To learn more about this exhibit or purchase any artwork listed for sale, please contact Mark Weber, gallery coordinator, at mweber@stlcc.edu.

  • Beasts of Nature by Ivan Aka & Aleister Manah
  • First Night by Ivan Aka & Aleister Manah
  • Vestibule by Ivan Aka & Aleister Manah
  • Ferryman by Ivan Aka & Aleister Manah
  • Lust Layer by Ivan Aka & Aleister Manah
  • Cerberus by Ivan Aka & Aleister Manah
  • Seductive Spirit by Metra Mitchell
  • Gifted Statues by Metra Mitchell
  • Lonely Neurotic by Metra Mitchell
  • Melodrama by Metra Mitchell
  • Neo-Medieval Boy by Metra Mitchell
  • Lady Nocturne by Metra Mitchell
  • Radial Ghosts by Riushi Mazda
  • Symmetrical Skulls by Riushi Mazda
  • Asymmetrical Jungle Cats

Meet the Artists

Riushi Mazda practices the art of Nōtan, which is a Japanese technique meaning "light dark harmony". His studies explore different arrangements of light and dark elements within the design. Through an intense questioning, and in the freedom of image invention via the beauty of the technique, he allows for an interplay between the black and white paper. Each piece is a meditation, a grasping – a search for meaning and balance.

Riushi Mazda

Ivan Akah and Aleister Manah's work uses the "Exquisite Corpse" technique. Together, they explore the possibilities via the unconscious mind. Through cognitive, physical and visual processing, they move together through and past immediate sources toward broader implications, while hopefully offering space for contemplation, reflection and understanding. Allowing connections to surface slowly and organically, each mixed media composition is formed and re-formed, finding its place between absence and presence and between the specific and the universal.

Ivan Akah

Aleister Manah

Metra Mitchell's recent series features archetypal characters that appear in many guises within staged theatrical environments. Her construct of these identities truly reflects the social, economic and ethnic histories that have formed her. Unpacking this constellation of imagery carries a strong emotional charge, conjuring a complex process of transformations. This metamorphosis involves the human body- a living presence that may take on different shapes and forms. Concealed identities, masks and other disguises reflect a lack of certainty, but also encourages play.

Metra Mitchell
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