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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The College strongly recommends a COVID-19 vaccination.

STLCC is not asking for proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. We trust that employees, students and visitors are honest and will follow guidelines set forth by public health officials and STLCC.

The College no longer requires masks or face coverings at most STLCC locations. We strongly recommend unvaccinated individuals wear a mask indoors at all STLCC locations.

If you are an STLCC employee who may require an accommodation, please check with human resources. If you are an STLCC student who may require an accommodation, please check with your campus Access office.

If a STLCC employee tests positive for COVID-19, they should notify their supervisor and follow CDC guidance.

If a STLCC student tests positive, they should contact their instructor(s) and follow CDC guidance.

If you experience challenges or difficulties, please contact your Campus Vice President.
Julie Massey, Florissant Valley
LaShanda Boone, Forest Park
Dr. Keith Ware, Meramec
Dr. Keith Robinder, Wildwood

Enrollment Questions

Students are able to register online using the Interactive Class Schedule and Banner Self-Service. Specific instructions and video are available - How to Register.

Students can complete Archer Orientation online. Please visit the Archer Orientation page for more information.

STLCC is allowing students to withdraw from classes online through Banner Self-Service. For information and dates.

Before You Withdraw

Please talk with an academic advisor and your instructor before withdrawing from your classes. Your academic advisor and instructor are the best people to talk with about what impact your withdrawal will have on your academic program and your eligibility to return. Contact Academic Advising.

Depending on when you withdraw, you may be required to repay all or part of the financial aid that has been disbursed for the term. Withdrawing may also make you ineligible for aid in the future semesters, even if you decide to continue your education at another institution. For more information, please contact Financial Aid.

Discuss your class placement with an academic advisor.

If after talking with an academic advisor it is determined that you cannot be placed in classes without taking the placement exam, you can be referred to a testing center to take the Accuplacer test. Testing is offered by appointment only.

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