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Academic Integrity Statement

St. Louis Community College recognizes that the core value of academic integrity is essential to all activities of an academic community and provides the cornerstone for teaching and learning. It is characterized by upholding the foundational principles of honesty, equity, mutual responsibility, respect, and personal integrity. Advancing the principles of academic integrity is essential because doing so enhances academic discourse, the quality of academic work, institutional operations, and the assessment of educational goals.

Observing academic integrity involves:

  • Maintaining the standards of the college’s degrees, certificates, and awards to preserve the academic credibility and reputation of the college.
  • Communicating expectations, best practices, and procedures in order to promote the principles of academic integrity and ensure compliance.
  • Providing environments, instruction, and access to the resources necessary for maintaining integrity in learning.
  • Taking responsibility and personal accountability for the merit and authenticity of one’s work.
  • Giving proper acknowledgement and attribution to those who directly contribute to a project or whose work is used in the completion of a project.
  • Recognizing what compromises academic integrity, whether intentional or unintentional (plagiarism, cheating, uncivil behavior, etc.).

It is the shared duty of the faculty, students, and staff of the college to understand, abide by and endorse academic integrity.

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