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Professional Development Opportunities

Please fill out the form below to register for one or more of our professional development opportunities. Contact Kim Mueller or 314-984-7171 if you have any questions.

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Leadership Bootcamp 101
Leader Bootcamp 101 is designed to help you build skills and confidence in your management role. In this session you will learn skills to effectively manage. These skills often make the daunting task of managing more satisfying for the leader and their employees.
Leadership Bootcamp 102
Once you have mastered the leader skills in Leader Bootcamp 101, then you are ready for Leader Bootcamp 102. This session will allow leaders to look at STLCC policies, procedures and practice and gives them the tools to navigate our internal processes and some of the obstacles faced by leaders.
Employee Relations 101
Employee Relations 101 will enhance your ability to deal with employee relations issues that may arise using various tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness. Course will cover, progressive discipline, grievance process, how to conduct a grievance hearing, understanding the incident and investigation process, your role as a supervisor/member of management and understanding the difference between a complaint and a grievance.
Performance Management / Planning
Simply telling the employee what to do and expecting them to do to it often does not solve the problem. Effective performance starts with clear expectations that are reinforced with coaching. Please join us for this session as we review the Performance Management Cycle and talk about setting clear and actionable performance expectations.
Embracing Differences
Embracing Differences will give you the opportunity to explore how we view differences and what we can do to embrace differences.
Critical Conversations
Critical conversations are necessary and not fun. This session will give you the tools to be proactive and prevent problems. You will learn the steps for a successful conversation and what a critical conversation is not.
Safe & Secure
What is workplace violence? This session will help you define and identify possible pre-indicators for workplace violence. Through a hands-on activity, you will learn what to do if violence occurs in your workplace.
Behavioral Based Interviewing
What are behavior based questions? What types of questions are acceptable in the interview process? What is the cost of a poor hire? Find out the answers and how to create your own questions in this session.
Using the EAP as a Management Tool
Managers and supervisors are in a position to detect patterns of declining work performance, problematic absenteeism and tardiness, or troubling employee behavior. The EAP is here to help. This session will cover what services the EAP has to offer and the support they can provide for our employees.
Resource Training
Resource Training is full-day program designed to assist those in new administrative support positions or those who need a refresher. Participants can attend the full day or individual sections.
Communication Builds Teams
Have you ever felt like the person you are communicating with is not listening? This session explores types of communication and signs of communication problems.
How long is your minute?
Let's find out. This session explores managing time, wastes of time and controlling your schedule.
True Colors
True Colors® is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. The colors of Orange, Gold, Green and Blue are used to differentiate the four central personality styles of True Colors®. Come to this session to find out your true color and how to best work with others.
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