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Data Loss Prevention

The College uses and analyzes data in its efforts to continuously improve its offerings and services. We are ensuring that your data is protected by alerting employees who send data outside of STLCC, and removing it when it is no longer needed. By doing this we reduce the likelihood of a malware infection or mistake resulting in the wrong people getting your data.

What Are We Doing?

We are alerting employees when sending significant amounts of high-risk data outside the College. Employees will be interrupted with an prompt when they attempt to transmit high-risk data to non-College systems.

We are sweeping up files with significant amounts of high-risk data (College ID or SSN with other personal data), that have not been modified recently. This should not impact active projects. These files are swept to a secure archive for safe storage.

What You Will See

Alerts are issued when employees attempt to send high-risk data outside of the institution.

DLP Endpoint Prompt

Files with large amounts of high risk data that have not been used in over a year are swept to a secure location.

DLP Stub Files

Files that are swept are replaced by text files with the same file name. The text file contains a note about the findings and directions to contact the Help Desk if the file contents are required for any reason.

Getting Files Back

If you find a swept file is needed, contact the IT Help Desk to retrieve it. IT Security & Compliance will quickly return the file pending departmental approval.

Protecting Files

You can protect files by encrypting them. Directions on encrypting files are in How-To's.

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