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Information Technology (IT) is the internal technology service and consulting provider for St. Louis Community College (STLCC). Information Technology is a relatively new STLCC organization formed in 2014 through consolidation of campus and central technology support organizations to provide efficiency and cost savings. Information Technology services include enterprise applications, database and reporting services, data services and developers, enterprise information and computing systems, technology support, infrastructure, and security. These areas span both academic and administrative needs. IT is responsible for these services district-wide with slight variations occurring across campus geography and the Workforce Solution Group.

IT Leadership

Feng Hou, Chief Information Officer, oversees the Information Technology division at St. Louis Community. His functional reports include:

Enterprise Application Services

The Enterprise Application Service group within the Information Technology department exists to further the fundamental mission of St. Louis Community College through the deployment, use and support of commercially available technologies. It focuses on supporting information systems, enterprise applications, data services and reporting services,  access to data, and tools necessary for timely information to support and further the mission of the College. The team is comprised of highly skilled dedicated and talented software application and systems/analyst and specialists, database administrators,  application developers,  integration developers, programmers/analyst, ETL Administrator and data warehouse developer, data analysts, and reporting specialist.

The Executive Director, Enterprise Application Services is Khouloud H. Hawasli

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure group within the Information Technology exists to further the fundamental mission of St. Louis Community College. The team focuses on providing secure quality voice, video and data communications to advance STLCC’s mission of “expanding minds and changing lives”. We embrace the idea that technology is one of many tools that support a positive educational environment for our students, faculty and staff.

The Executive Director, IT Infrastructure Services is Gene Galliani.

IT Security

The IT Security group within the Information Technology exists to ensure regulatory compliance obligations (i.e. HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA, PCI) to protect the privacy of members of the College community as well as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of College information.

The Director of IT Security and Compliance is Matt Gioia.

Technology Support Services

The Technology Support Services group within the Information Technology division aligns its staff talents and efforts to advance STLCC’s mission of “expanding minds and changing lives.” We embrace the idea that technology is an enabler to create efficiencies and a positive educational experience, with the ultimate goal of providing more effective and convenient services to our faculty, staff and students.

The Director of Technology Support Services is Jeffrey Wetherill.

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