Facebook pixel 2017-2018 Enrollment Campaign

2017-2018 Enrollment Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to drive enrollment and retention by highlighting STLCC’s key differentiators – the quality education, our top-tier faculty, our state-of-the-art facilities and the value.

Creative Highlights

  • Campaign Theme: Your Path To Anywhere
  • STLCC provides the roadmap for our students’ best future to become a reality
  • Creative features STLCC students and faculty
  • Five areas of study are featured: General Transfer Studies, STEM, Art, Information Systems and Automotive Technology
  • Featured areas of study were selected by evaluating program production and labor market data including: job forecast, entry level wage, competition, capacity, wait list and job placement rates

Initiatives Targeting Prospective Students

  • Microsite – pathtostlcc.com
  • Radio – broadcast and online
  • Digital Video – online pre-roll ads and mobile gaming apps
  • Outdoor – billboards
  • Social Media – targeted paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – enrollment-specific messaging
  • Local Advertising – college, high school and community publications

Additional Initiatives Targeting Current Students

  • Campus Signage – table tents, door clings, digital boards and PC backgrounds
  • Email Marketing – @my.stlcc.edu email and personal emails targets
  • Social Media – targeted paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram focused on retention

Microsite - PathtoSTLCC.com

Microsite on Computer and tablet


All marketing support will drive users to pathtostlcc.com. This mobile-and tablet-friendly, campaign-specific microsite has been developed to lead students through the steps they need to take to enroll for the summer and fall semesters. The microsite also allows us to follow users through their experience so we can collect data and gain insight to optimize.

You may notice a few features and styles that mimic the new design for stlcc.edu. This was intentional to help familiarize users with a more modern web interface.

Microsite Image demonstrating design


Broadcast and Online Radio

Hot 104.1 logo
KSHE 95 logo
New Country 92.3 logo
Now 96.3 logo
106.5 The Arch logo
93.7 The Bull logo
105.7 The Point logo
y98 logo
z107.7 logo

Digital Video - Online Pre-Role

Online Pre-Role Screenshot

Mobile Games - Rewards-Based Marketing

Mobile game demo

:30 Videos

STLCC created four videos promoting general subject areas including: arts and communications, automotive tech, inforamtion systems, STEM and general transfer studies.



Metro Area Billboards


Local Ad Insertions

local ad insertions

Paid Social Media Ads

paid facebook and instagram ads

more paid facebook and instagram ads

Retention-Based Initiatives

Table Tents

table tent

Door Clings door cling

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