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2022 Come As You Are, See What You Become (Fall)

Fall 2022 Enrollment Campaign

STLCC has refreshed and expanded its enrollment campaign and is running ads to encourage students to register for classes this fall. New videos, which promote a great education at STLCC, began running on broadcast TV, cable, YouTube and connected TV.

Broadcast and Online Radio

For the fall campaign, commercials run on a variety of broadcast and online radio stations specifically targeting current and potential students.

Broadcast, Cable and Online TV

The fall Come As You Are, Great Education videos highlight the value STLCC offers students and the benefits students receive when they choose to follow their dreams and focus on their education at STLCC. 

Online Ads

STLCC runs a variety of online banner ads on the Internet targeting potential students and encouraging them to click the ad to learn more.

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STLCC has a number of billboards throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Fit Your Life Spring Billboard Affordable Spring Billboard

Paid Search

STLCC runs an ongoing paid search campaign year round. The budget is increased during enrollment periods and then reduced during non-enrollment time periods in order to maintain a presence in the marketplace.

Social Media Marketing

The marketing and communications department continually adds organic posts to STLCC’s official social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. In addition, a number of paid campaigns run on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat targeting a wide variety of students and potential students.

Local Marketing Initiatives

The marketing and communications campus coordinators place local advertising throughout the course of the year in local newspapers, high school newspapers, chambers of commerce and other publications. These local initiatives allow the campus coordinators to promote specific campus initiatives and events in their communities. 

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