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Vice President of Student Success

Meet the Vice President

Julie Massey, M.A., joined the College in June 2004 and served in several roles before advancing to her current position as vice president of student success and chief student affairs officer at STLCC-Florissant Valley. In this role, Massey is responsible for academic advising, access disability services and career development. She has more than 17 years of experience in higher education and has held titles including academic advisor, manager of academic advising, manager of student success initiatives, and interim director of academic advising and student success. Massey earned a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy analysis with an emphasis in student affairs from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Truman State University. A graduate of Hazelwood East High School, Massey has a passion for the College and its mission of empowering students, expanding minds and changing lives.

“There is nothing better I can think of doing than paying it forward to the students we serve at STLCC," Massey said. "This coming year, I’ve made it a goal to wrap my arms around the Florissant Valley campus and make sure our students are cared for and successful in their journey with us.”

District Areas Reporting to Vice President of Student Success

Student Success Advisors assist students in clarifying their educational goals and in developing strategies to achieve those goals. Advisiors provide students with information about programs of study, course requirements, and college policies and procedures. Academic plans developed by advisors and students lead to the timely completion of degrees or certificates. For students who plan to transfer, an advisor can explore with them the transfer requirements and suggest appropriate coursework; however, the responsibility for course selection and meeting degree and transfer requirements rests with each student. Advisors also provide assistance to students facing barriers to their education including referrals to tutoring, counseling, and other non-academic needs.

District Contact: Rachel Stull, Director of Academic Advising & Student Success

Website: www.stlcc.edu/advising

The college offers support services for students who have documented disabilities of a temporary or permanent nature. The Access Office provides the following services:

Coordination of classroom and testing accommodations and support services. Consultation with faculty and staff members regarding student accommodation needs. Liaison with community professionals and agencies. To qualify for services, students must contact the Access Office of their choice in order to complete the Application for Services and schedule an initial meeting. Accommodations are generally not provided retroactively, so it is important for students to apply for accommodations and provide documentation early in the enrollment process. This allows more time to implement reasonable accommodations. Please note, there is no deadline to apply for services, as students may submit their application and documentation any time during their tenure at the college.

District Contact: Amy Bird, Director of Access & Student Success

Website: www.stlcc.edu/access

Career Specialists assist students in their career development process through discovery, exploration, planning, and action. Career Specialists provide students with assistance and tools to clarify and take action on their career path. They are also available to help students in their development of a Career Action Plan, resume and cover letter development, interviewing skills, and job search strategies.

District Contact: Jacqueline Meaders-Booth, Director of Career Development & Student Success

Website: www.stlcc.edu/careerdevelopment

Early Alert programs are most effective when combined with intentional intervention measures such as Academic Success planning and personalized tutoring that includes addressing barriers to success such as time management and study skills. Additionally, a goal of the Early Alert program at STLCC is to connect students to on-campus resources. The Early Alert program is also designed to encourage students to communicate with their professors who serve as invaluable resources.

District Contact: Rachel Stull, Director of Academic Advising & Student Success

Website: https://stlcc.edu/admissions/advising/navigate/earlyalert.aspx

Navigate, Student Success Management Platform

Focus 2, Career Assessment and Planning Tool

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