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Daly Fantasies Debuts at STLCC-Wildwood

  “Brock Hall Picnic” by Kimberly Austin DalyArtists Paul and Kimberly Austin Daly will show their work March 19-April 27 at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood’s Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Titled, “Daly Fantasies: The Dinosaur Dramas, Daring Adventures, and Enchanted Dreamscapes,” the exhibit spans 60 feet and includes more than 30 works from each artist. The exhibit is curated by Daniel F. Yezbick, Ph.D., professor of English at STLCC-Wildwood.

“Prehistoric Seas” by Paul DalyThe community is invited to meet the artists and view their work at a reception held in their honor, Thursday, April 12 from 5-7 p.m. The Gallery of Contemporary Art, which is free and open to the public, is located on the third floor of STLCC-Wildwood, 2645 Generations Drive. Gallery hours are 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday.

About the Artists

Paul Daly is an Eisner nominated gaming/comic book artist/writer. His most recent published work was for Moonstone Comics, “The Phantom,” featuring the first female Phantom. This led to his current work on Moonstone’s “Sherlock Holmes” series. He also contributed art to the role playing game, “Hive, Queen and Country,” which premiered at Archon, the Midwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy event. His web strips, “The Terranauts” and “Major Tempest at Hazard,” are ongoing. He holds degrees in Art and English from Benedictine College.

Self portrait of Kimberly Austin DalyKimberly Austin Daly has worked professionally in textbook illustration, mostly macro-biology, and as a toy designer for Disney products, War Planets, and helped develop the action figures for the movie, “Lost in Space.” She holds a bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Missouri, Columbia in Illustration with a minor in Art History. She also studied under Frank Stack, an American underground cartoonist and fine artist.

A statement from the curator:

Welcome aboard the Dalys' magical time machine where robots, pirates, fairies, rocket ships and tyrannosaurs collide in creative extremes that many artists dare not deliver, or even attempt.

Here is creation cut loose and set free, unbound and unlimited in its deep love for the gleaming treasures and an intrepid trash of media artifacts ranging from B-movie serials and pulp fiction, to comic strips and children’s books.

In Paul and Kimberly Austin Dalys’ breathless realms of fantasy and excitement, we share the rollicking rollercoasters of dream and delight with gunslingers, superheroes, wizards and whimsical creatures of endless variety and infinite mystery. In every epic quest and merry meeting, there are new risks and dangers, pleasures and surprises.

Self portrait of Paul DalyPaul’s bright palettes and cunning contrasts set his stages for the strange games and desperate gambits that define fantasy, pulp and comic art. In other scenarios, shadowy caves and sinister settings erupt with the flash of vampire’s teeth, the clash of practiced swords or the shocking confrontation of savage peril. A past master of comic strips, graphic novels and gaming art, he appropriates, revamps and ultimately transcends the genres and formats that excite his own "amazing stories" of rugged struggle and gripping adventure.

Kimberly’s work is equally witty and engaging, with softer, contemplative explorations of fragile dreamscapes, still lifes popping with mystical bric-a-brac and genre gadgetry, and the charming greetings of fuzzy friends and animal pals. Her sketches, watercolors and miniatures tease us with whispered hints, bits and traces of realities and experiences just beyond our waking eyes. Her previous commercial work with both toy and textbook design also influences her dazzling play chest. Her magical castles and animal playmates beg us to grab an enchanted cloak of our own, join in the quest and play along with whatever lost world she explores.

There are also quiet moments of natural elegance and contemplative intrigue in these Daly fantasies; firm and resonant comments on the vicissitudes of scientific codification and technical illustration. Every dino, though dreamy, is rendered in adamantly realistic terms, and each six-shooter, gleaming broadsword, and wizard’s wand is practically pictured. The Daly Circus of thrills and wonders makes equal time not only for climactic battles, but also quiet backstage moments where the elegance and equity of the props themselves can steal the show. Brash bodies, colossal conflicts and gorgeous gear define the surface layers of their labors, but every element of their art speaks to a lifetime’s worth of mutual love and respect for outlandish excitement, ingenious dreaming, and perhaps most beautifully of all, each other.

For more information about the artists, or to purchase any artworks listed for sale in the exhibit, contact the Dalys at dalyart@sbcglobal.net.

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