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Youngsters Observe International Mud DayPage Title

Let there be mud. More specifically, mud sculptures, mud soup and mud pies.

Youngsters who attend the Child Development Laboratory Center at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley got dirty last week in honor of International Mud Day on June 29.

Approximately 60 children, along with parents and teachers, joined children all over the world to combine soil with water for a bit of messy fun.

muddy kidsThis marked the seventh year the center has taken part in the celebration created to connect children with nature by the World Forum Foundation’s Nature Action Collaborative for Children. Mud activities were planned on three playground areas.

Anna-Marie Mann, program specialist at the center, said kids got extremely messy.

“They made mud pies, mud sculptures and dug with shovels to look for things that were hidden in the mud, like bones and anything that has to do with construction,” she said. “They also painted and had little mud-toss fights. The children had a lot of fun. Anything that they could do inside, they did outside. 

“It really tries to help them connect back to nature, be part of nature and understand that it’s OK to get dirty,” Mann added.

Believe it or not, the day of fun is actually educational according to E. Britt Moore, author of “Kids and Soil: A Perfect Match.”

The author notes in the book: “...take a moment to think about how often a child will adjust the water-to-soil ratio in a mud pie until she finds the perfect balance. What is that if not the scientific process of experimentation, trial and error at work?”

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