Facebook pixel STLCC Instructor and Pastor Strives to Heal Racial Divides

STLCC Instructor and Pastor Strives to Heal Racial Divides

Terrell Carter

At St. Louis Community College-Wildwood, Terrell Carter shares his talents as an artist and instructor.

Outside of the College, he is highly regarded for his work as a professor of theology, a pastor in his church, a former police officer and an author.

In his latest book, “Healing Racial Divides: Finding Strength in Our Diversity,” Carter makes the case for how the church can help America emerge from its racist shadows empowered to heal racial divides.

“While our faith inarguably calls Christians to unity, the hard fact remains – we’re still tragically divided,” he said. “In order to defeat racism once and for all, it’s imperative for us to understand its roots and our place in it.”

Carter’s position on racism in the church is rooted in the teachings of the Bible as well as scholarly research and his personal experience, both as a former police officer and a black pastor serving white congregations.

“It is clear that we still struggle to acknowledge how race has shaped our nation and numerous generations,” Carter said. “We are afraid to address the implications of past national and cultural acts. We are still divided by race. I wrote this book hoping to have an honest discussion with faith groups to challenge them to not be afraid to address the issue head on and see how discussing it can lead to better relationships with people who are different from us.”

In addition to his latest book, Carter has penned three other books. They are, “The Lord Gave Me This,” which explores the ministerial formation of African-Americans; “Walking the Blue Line,” a book that details his past experience protecting and serving neighborhoods as a police officer in St. Louis City; and “Machiavellian Ministry: What Faith Filled Leaders Can Learn from a Faithless Politician.”

Carter began his educational career at STLCC-Forest Park. He holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in biblical studies and organizational leadership, a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in arts management and leadership, and a Doctor of Ministry.

Along with serving as an adjunct instructor at STLCC, he is the director of contextualized learning and an assistant professor of practical theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also a pastor at Webster Groves Baptist Church.

For more information about Carter, follow him on Twitter @tcarterstl, or visit his website, terrellcarter.net.

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