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Faculty Speaker Series to be Presented by STLCC-Wildwood

St. Louis Community College faculty members from across the district will discuss a broad range of topics throughout the academic year during the Speakers Series hosted by STLCC's Wildwood campus.

“Our Speaker Series aims to not only enhance the education of our students but also provide a venue for the public to engage in intellectual discussions,” said Steven G. Collins, Ph.D., interim associate provost at STLCC-Wildwood. “We’re excited to provide a stage for our distinguished faculty to share their insights and showcase their talents with the community.”

The presentations will be held in the multipurpose room at STLCC-Wildwood, 2645 Generations Drive. While all presentations are free and open to the public, reservations are encouraged. Learn more and RSVP.

Speaker Series Lineup

Andrea Nichols“Sex Trafficking: A Conversation with Andrea J. Nichols”
Wednesday, Oct. 17
6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. presentation

About the Presentation
A recognized expert in the area of sex trafficking, Andrea J. Nichols, Ph.D., will discuss the issue of sex trafficking in St. Louis. Along with providing a brief introduction to the topic, she will explain the types of trafficking, common risk factors for those who become victims, and the efforts that are being made at both community and legal levels to improve the lives of survivors.

About the Presenter
Andrea J. Nichols, Ph.D., is a Carnegie Award-winning professor of sociology at STLCC-Forest Park. She is the author of numerous books and articles in the area of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, including: “Sex Trafficking in the United States: Theory Research Policy and Practice” (2016), coauthor of “Sex Trafficking and CSE: Prevention, Advocacy and Trauma Informed Practice” (2017), and co-editor of “Social Work Practice with Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation” (2018).

Syed Chowdhury“How the Brain Sees the World in Three-Dimension”
Thursday, Nov. 8
6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. presentation

About the Presentation
Syed Chowdhury, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist with extensive experience in sensory processing. During this presentation, he will discuss his latest research in three-dimensional processing. Guests who attend this lecture will gain a deeper understanding of how the brain is structured, how it works, how it develops, how it malfunctions and how it can be changed.

About the Presenter
Syed Chowdhury, Ph.D., joined STLCC-Wildwood in 2009. He holds a master’s degree in physiology from the Post Graduate Medical Research Institute in Bangladesh and a doctorate in neurophysiology from Gifu University School of Medicine in Japan. Chowdhury completed post-doctoral fellowships in the Department of Biology at Washington University and the Centre for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California-Irvine. Along with publishing many scientific research articles in peer-reviewed journals, he has held research positions in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Washington University School of Medicine and Dalhousie University School of Medicine in Halifax, Canada.

Sarah Fielding“An Evening of Classical Music”
Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. concert

About the Presentation
Unlike the traditional classical music presentation, guests will enjoy violin masterpieces by Vivaldi and Beethoven and solo piano music by Chopin in a casual, intimate setting. The concert will feature violinist Sarah Fielding, Ph.D., and pianist Paul Higdon, D.M.A.

About the Presenters
Sarah Fielding, Ph.D., is an associate professor of English at STLCC-Wildwood. At the age of three, she began learning violin through the Suzuki Method, which relies on the proverb "Listen and Play." This training gave Paul Higdonrise to her interest in literary style, voice and interpretation, ultimately influencing her decision to pursue a career teaching English. She holds a doctorate in English from Saint Louis University, a master’s degree in medieval studies from the University of Leeds and a bachelor’s degree in English from Saint Louis University.

Paul Higdon, D.M.A., is a professor of music and chair of communications at STLCC-Florissant Valley. A pianist by training, he has performed piano concerts in 10 states as well as Malaysia, Hong Kong and Italy. He earned a doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, studying with the late curators’ professor Joanne Baker. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees are from Truman University.

“Playing with History: 100 Years of the Most Meaningful, Memorable and Fun Character Toys in American Life and Leisure”
Thursday, March 14, 2019
6:30 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. presentation

Daniel F. YezbickAbout the Presentation
Enjoy a provocative parade of personalities from the past as Daniel F. Yezbick, Ph.D. surveys the toys, dolls, games and gimmicks that made millions of American smile during turbulent times. From classic rag dolls and Disney mice to the trolls, turtles and transformers of the more recent past, attendees will gain insight into the secret politics of global toy culture. Along with insightful commentary, guests will see hands-on examples of some of the most memorable toys in American life and leisure.

About the Presenter
A recognized specialist in literary and media studies, Daniel F. Yezbick, Ph.D., is a professor of English at STLCC-Wildwood. He is the author of “Perfect Nonsense: The Chaotic Comics and Goofy Games of George Carlson” (2014). His work has appeared in numerous anthologies including “Comics Studies: Here and Now” (2018), “Animal Comics” (2017), “Articulating the Action Figure” (2017), “The Blacker the Ink” (2015), “Comics Through Time” (2014), and “Icons of the American Comic-Book” (2013). Yezbick has been published widely on the intersections of comic art, film, commodity culture and history. He has also presented internationally and has made repeated public appearances at the St. Louis Science Center First Friday events and the St. Louis Public Library Comics University series.

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