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STLCC Immersive CodeCamp, powered by LaunchCode begins April 1

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

St. Louis Community College and LaunchCode announced a new program as an educational pathway toward careers in technology.

Jeff Mazur, executive director, LaunchCode, and Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D., chancellor, St. Louis Community College,At a press conference on March 11, St. Louis Community College and LaunchCode officially announced a new program for those who are interested in learning skills for a career in technology.

STLCC Immersive CodeCamp, powered by LaunchCode is a free, 14-week, full-time course that will take a deep dive into technologies and skills that are in demand by employers in the St. Louis region.

Immersive CodeCamp begins April 1. Classes are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at William J. Harrison Education Center, an STLCC location. Within months, graduates will have the tools and skills needed to enter LaunchCode’s apprenticeship program and a new career in technology.

Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D., chancellor, St. Louis Community College, and Jeff Mazur, executive director, LaunchCode, made the formal announcement together at Harrison Education Center.

“The College is making a significant investment that will have a tremendous impact for 30 future students to prepare them for high-wage careers in IT. The students we will recruit will be of varying backgrounds and life experiences, many of whom will be economically or educationally disadvantaged,” said Pittman.

“Traditionally, tech education hasn’t been widely accessible to many populations. With this innovative program, St. Louis Community College and LaunchCode are teaming up to challenge that,” said Mazur. “Immersive CodeCamp will break down barriers and serve as both a skills-based education model and as the connector between nontraditional technologists and local companies in need of tech talent.”

STLCC’s partnership with LaunchCode started in 2015. STLCC Immersive CodeCamp demonstrates a shared mission to create even more diverse, accessible pathways into careers. The College is the exclusive education partner in the area for the LaunchCode Immersive CodeCamp program.

STLCC will facilitate student success through individualized career coaching and academic support, as well as provide loaner laptop computers and assist with transportation. Combined with a proven curriculum, STLCC and LaunchCode can bridge the gap for people who want a career in technology by providing relevant and timely resources.

“The data we gather through our State of the St. Louis Workforce Report consistently shows the high demand for IT professionals, including developers and coders. The College is using this information to expand our program offerings in conjunction with a respected partner like LaunchCode to quickly allow more students to enter this well-paying career field,” he continued.

Mazur also addressed a “gap in the needs of employers with open positions in IT and the workforce.”

“According to labor market data, there were 3,845 job openings in IT in the St. Louis region last year, but many of those opportunities remain unfilled,” said Mazur. “Immersive CodeCamp will expand access to training.”

What students can expect from Immersive CodeCamp

  • Learn universal programming concepts and best practices with Python
  • Foundational elements and tools for web development
  • Java development
  • Build a portfolio project
  • Support and feedback to prepare for an apprenticeship
  • Ongoing job-readiness such as preparing for interviews, resume reviews, workshops and essential skills training
  • Diversity among participants – In 2018, 35 percent of St. Louis LaunchCode students identified as people of color and 49 percent identified as female.

Applications for CodeCamp will be accepted through March 15.

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