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Clark to Receive Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark, Ph.D., professor of business and economics, has been selected as St. Louis Community College-Wildwood’s recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

Each year, institutions across the state, including all four STLCC campuses, present this award to one faculty member who exemplifies effective teaching, effective advising, service to the university community, commitment to high standards of excellence and success in nurturing student achievement. 

Clark will receive the Governor’s Award in the fall at the 55th Annual Missouri Community College Association Convention. 

According to Steven G. Collins, Ph.D., interim president at Wildwood, Clark was chosen for this award because of his scholarship and his contributions to the College. 

“Anthony Clark is a dynamic, enthusiastic professor with a unique ability to engage students in course material,” Collins said. “His work in the field and in the classroom truly exemplifies the criteria of this award.” 

Clark joined STLCC in 2010. During his tenure with the College, he has served as acting chair of the Business & Economics Department, and global education coordinator at the Florissant Valley campus, and the program coordinator of Business & Economics at the Wildwood campus. He co-founded the Business Club at Florissant Valley, and he continues to serve as the Business Club adviser at Wildwood. 

He holds a doctorate in natural resources and environmental economics, a master’s degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He began his education at Jefferson College, where he earned an associate degree in business administration. 

Over the years, Clark’s research been published in Advances in Environmental Research; Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management; The George Wright Society Journal of Parks, Protected Areas & Cultural Sites; Landscape and Urban Planning; and The Confluence. His book, Economics and How It Shapes Our Lives (Zephyros Press), appeared in the top 30 books in Amazon’s Economics category. 

Recently, Clark coauthored two books focused on STEM education – That’s Your STEM (Simon & Schuster/Adams Media) and The Everything STEM Handbook (Adams Media). He also authored two business books for children – You Can Be an Entrepreneur, Too! and You Can Be a Businessperson, Too! (iGlobal Educational Services). 

Clark began his career as an economist in 1996 with the Public Service Commission, part of Missouri’s Department of Economic Development, where he worked on projects relating to telecommunications regulation and deregulation. He later served as a consultant on a National Science Foundation-funded project focusing on the impact of economic growth and climate change on wildfire risk in the American West. 

When asked what he enjoys most about teaching, he said: “As a first-generation college student who started at a community college, I have a deep respect for community college students. I’m passionate about economics and business education, and I love nothing more than to see students excel in their college and professional careers.”

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