Facebook pixel Pittman to Serve on St. Louis County’s Economic Rescue Team

Pittman to Serve on St. Louis County’s Economic Rescue Team

Chancellor Jeff L. PittmanThe St. Louis County Economic Rescue Team has selected the chancellor of St. Louis Community College and other business leaders to serve as its taskforce. 

Chancellor Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D., is one of five individuals hand-picked by St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page to undertake the task of helping plan for an economic recovery after the COVID-19 response ends. Page created the new agency on March 23 and called for applicants at that time. 

Pittman will be joined on the ERT by:

  • Rick Stevens, president of Christian Hospitals, who will serve as chair.
  • Frank Jacobs, business manager of IBEW Local 1.
  • Veta Jeffries, executive director of the St. Louis Black Chamber of Commerce.
  • Kellie McCoy, former chief of staff for the CEO of Starbucks.

“The ERT will be the eyes and ears of my administration during this recovery,” Page said. “They will play an important role in the recovery and make sure we have the proper environment for our businesses as they begin to come back on line and to grow.” 

The ERT will help advise the county on stabilizing the local economy, adopting new laws and policies that aid in a rapid recovery, and coordinating any federal or state stimulus for local businesses, including Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds. 

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, students, faculty and staff of STLCC, I wish to thank Dr. Page for selecting me to serve on this critical team for St. Louis County,” Pittman said. “In these unprecedented times, we are thankful to have his leadership, and members of the team will work diligently to provide Dr. Page with recommendations to restart and repair the St. Louis economy due to the issues caused by the pandemic that has engulfed the entire world.” 

Pittman cited the College’s annual State of the St. Louis Workforce Report as a valuable tool that could help the county and region at large fill employer needs and workforce gaps. 

“This year’s report will provide the team and Dr. Page with much needed information to assist in identifying needed educational pathways to quickly prepare individuals to go back to work in high need and high wage jobs for our area’s business and industry,” Pittman said. “I look forward to working with the team.” 

The ERT will coordinate with similar teams that may be created in surrounding jurisdictions, existing regional economic development partners and other political subdivisions. It will bring together groups of county residents who will focus on specific business sectors like restaurants, workforce development, real estate development, immigrants, and women in the workforce to provide recommendations on how to best distribute stimulus money.  

“This is a time to set politics aside. We will need a bi-partisan, all-hands-on-deck approach, and that’s what I’m hoping this team will do,” Page said. 

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