Facebook pixel Desire to Figure Out How Things Work Leads Hadziselimovic to IT Career

Desire to Figure Out How Things Work Leads Hadziselimovic to IT Career

Muha Hadziselimovic As a youngster growing up in Bosnia, Muha Hadziselimovic always had an interest in exploring how things work. 

“I used to take my toys apart so I could see what was inside of them,” he said. “While I never wanted to put them back together, it was fun to investigate the different parts and try to figure out what made them work.” 

This innate curiosity influenced Hadziselimovic’s decision to pursue a career in information technology, and today he holds the position as St. Louis Community College’s senior IT manager. In this role, he’s responsible for providing end-user support service at STLCC’s Corporate College, Forest Park campus and the William J. Harrison Education Center. 

Along with his childhood interests, Hadziselimovic’s career path was shaped by his life experiences, including those he had as a student at STLCC. However, before he could make his career goal a reality, he had to overcome challenges most could never imagine. 

Hadziselimovic was 21 when war broke out in Bosnia in 1992. The upheaval caused many, including his family, to flee their homes in hopes of a better life. 

In 1994, Hadziselimovic, along with his parents and sister, moved to St. Louis, Mo. Unable to speak English, he enrolled at STLCC-Forest Park to study the language. 

“Over the next three years, I completed nearly all of the English as a Second Language courses offered by the College,” he said. “That experience was a positive one, and it made it possible for me to shift my focus toward building a career in IT.” 

In 2000, Hadziselimovic completed an associate degree in computers from STLCC. He then transferred to Webster University, where he earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. 

“There’s no question that STLCC helped me become who I am today,” he said. “After I earned my degree, I knew I wanted to return to the College so I could give back to the community and help others.” 

In 2007, Hadziselimovic had the opportunity to do just that when he was hired for an IT position at the Wildwood campus. Since then,  he’s not only advanced in his career at the College, but he’s done so while providing IT support for students and staff across STLCC. 

“One of the best parts of my job is that I never know how my day is going to go,” he said. “Every day is different and full of challenges, and that’s what excites me about my work.” 

As an IT professional, Hadziselimovic said it is important to keep learning because technology continues to evolve.  

“IT is a fast-changing field, and you have to be very adaptive and willing to move along with the changes. If you’re truly passionate about working in IT, stay focused and never stop looking for opportunities to grow and learn.” 

Outside of work, Hadziselimovic spends a lot of time with his two kids. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, driving his convertible and traveling. 

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