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STLCC Says ‘Thank You’ to Its Essential Workers

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Florissant Valley essential workersAlthough March 2020 is nearly two years in the rearview mirror, for many, the memories from that unique period in history are still strong. That, of course, was when so many things were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was amazed at the universal effect on the world,” said Lt. Terri Buford, who manages the campus police at the Florissant Valley campus, as well as Corporate College and the Center for Plant and Life Sciences at BRDG Park. “I remember how quiet the cities of St. Louis, Ferguson and Florissant were when the mayors enforced the shutdown.”

But well into the second year of the pandemic, it was applause – not silence – being heard at STLCC as each of the four campuses held a recognition ceremony to honor the College’s essential employees. Through all the shutdowns, emergency decrees, partial openings and other changes since then, the one constant has been the dedication and presence of essential workers.

Meramec essential workersSTLCC honored its essential workers as members of College leadership visited each of the four main campuses to recognize, celebrate and reward essential employees who remained on campus during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

“It was you who helped keep things going,” said Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D., STLCC chancellor. “Higher education can be a very slow-moving industry at times, but you all helped us move quickly so that we could do what we do best – serve students.”

Across the College, more than 400 employees were recognized for their work. This group includes maintenance and housekeeping workers, human resources, campus IT, business offices, advising, campus police, and many others.

Wildwood essential workers“The work that was done by essential workers helped us accomplish so much here at the College during a unique time in our history,” said Feleccia Moore-Davis, Ph.D., STLCC-Meramec president. “We are so grateful for your work both then and now as we truly appreciate everything you do for us each and every day. Being able to get everything in place and then carry out what we needed here on campus was vital."

Buford said at first it was strange reporting to work and not seeing anyone else. 

“I got used to it, but I missed the daily interaction with students, staff, faculty, administrators and vendors,” she said. 

And although she reports that things now are “STLCC business as usual,” many precautions are still in place, with many campus events still occurring virtually.

Essential employees who attended the on-campus ceremonies were presented with a certificate and recognition pin. They also will be recognized at the regular monthly meeting of the STLCC Board of Trustees Jan. 20.

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