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Lyons Follows a New Dream at STLCC

Monday, September 27, 2021

Life decisions are hard to make at any age, but especially at 18.

Jonathan Lyons understands this well. That’s why, at 26, he’s training for a career in emergency medical services at St. Louis Community College at Wildwood.

While he’s eager to launch his career, his path to this profession hasn’t been linear.

“After high school, I majored in political science at Purdue University,” he said. “I chose this area because it interested me, but I always aspired to have a tough job – like serving in the military or working in law enforcement.”

When he graduated, he began making plans to turn his dreams into a reality. Unfortunately, however, life had other ideas.

“I actually found out that I have underlying medical issues that exclude me from serving in the military or working in law enforcement,” he said.

Although this news wasn't what he wanted or expected, he eventually doubled down and began searching for a new direction.

“It’s weird, but what caused me to get rejected by one path turned out to be what got me started down another,” he said. “EMTs and paramedics are typically first responders, and they work on the frontlines with law enforcement, so even though I’m unable to be a police officer or serve in the military, I can still work closely with them to serve and help people. These jobs can be just as dangerous as they are rewarding when saving lives, so that’s something that really appeals to me.”

Currently, Lyons is on pace to complete STLCC’s EMT program in May. After that, he plans to earn his paramedic license. In the future, he may also puruse a degree in nursing because he's interested in working as a flight nurse, providing critical care to patients who are being transported to a medical facility.

“In hindsight, STLCC should have been my first choice of schools because it provides students with a hands-on and more practical education,” he said. “I invested a lot of time and money into my bachelor’s degree program, and by the time I realized it wasn't the path for me, I felt like I was too far along not to finish. Although I can't change that, I hope the experience I gained will accelerate my understanding of the medical field and assist me in launching my new career.”

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