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Designing a Future in a New Country

Friday, May 28, 2021

Twenty years ago, Neda Hassanzadeh Dalir earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design in Persia, her home country.

In 2017, Dalir emigrated to the United States.

In fall 2018, she enrolled at St. Louis Community College at Meramec to learn more about interior design in the U.S. and to understand the differences.

“Everything was new for me,” said Dalir. “The hardest part of the program is the language. There was a lot portrait of Neda Hassanzadeh Dalir of studying because of the language, but the second semester was easier.” English is a second language for Dalir.

When asked what’s changed between what she learned 20 years ago and what she’s learning now, she said, “Everything back then was manual. You had to draw everything. Now, I’m learning more about the digital side of interior design and learning the software.”

Like many community college students, Dalir, a full-time student, has the responsibilities of a family. She described 2020 as “a hard year” with children at home while taking classes online because of the pandemic.

Yet, she is looking forward to completing her certification in kitchen and bath in May 2022. When she realized that she’d be able to graduate next year, Dalir said she was “Really proud! I couldn’t believe it because it’s challenging.”

Dalir wants to use her expertise to work in the industry and is looking for an internship.

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