Facebook pixel Rosenthal Discloses Campus ‘Secrets’ during Underwood Lecture

Rosenthal Discloses Campus ‘Secrets’ during Underwood Lecture

Howard RosenthalHoward Rosenthal, Ed.D., professor of human services, spoke on the topic “Long Live the Florissant Valley Mystique: The Secret History of the College” and honored a long-lasting tradition as recipient of the 47th David L. Underwood Memorial Lecture Award.

St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley students, employees and community members gathered in the Terry M. Fischer Theatre and via YouTube to hear Rosenthal’s presentation. They mused as Rosenthal disclosed historical information about the campus to some and reminders to others.

For example, he noted that broadcaster Donn Johnson graduated from STLCC-Florissant Valley and in 1983 became one of 41 students inducted into the campus' Hall of Fame.

Rosenthal also shared the following secrets that he learned at the College among other topics:

  • Become the teacher you always wanted for yourself.
  • Use humor and creativity, because teaching is such serious business.
  • Synchronicity: Are the people you meet and the events in your life happening for a reason?
  • Ask knowledgeable colleagues for assistance whether it pertains to photography or Shakespeare.
  • Take colleagues with you on your career journey when it is beneficial to both parties.

About Underwood

The late David L. Underwood was known for his love of education. He was deeply concerned with the welfare of students and staff alike. His dedication went beyond office hours – and he tirelessly gave of his time and talents to further the educational mission at Florissant Valley.

Recipients of the Underwood Memorial Lecture Award demonstrate that same dedication and commitment. Chosen by a committee of peers, the recipient exhibits excellence in instruction and a genuine, humanistic concern for students, faculty, staff, and all of education.

LaRhonda Wilson, chair of the selection committee, associate professor of sociology and the 46th recipient of the Underwood Award, lauded Rosenthal for his commitment to St. Louis Community College, and especially the Florissant Valley campus.

"Howard was the first faculty that I met when I started teaching part time back in 2001. It was an evening class, and I remember no lights in the parking lot. Howard made sure that he walked me out to my car," she said. "That showed me that he was willing to teach any section anywhere."

"He's just as David L. Underwood's character is described. Howard really does exhibit those characteristics. He very rarely says no when asked to present a workshop for faculty, staff and especially for students.

"The vast majority of our students who come in here struggling and are part of the Emerging Scholars program identify Dr. Rosenthal as their advocate and mentor," she said.

"His students love him," Wilson said. "That is authentic."

Besides his role as professor of human services, Rosenthal is also that area’s lead educator.

Rosenthal is a proud graduate of STLCC-Florissant Valley. He was a student when David L. Underwood was an administrator. Rosenthal was inducted into the campus’ Hall of Fame for his outstanding work in mental health and as an adjunct professor. He is listed in “Who’s Who in America” and has a “Wikipedia” entry. He is best known for his lively and humorous teaching style and the uncanny ability to bond with a wide range of students.

Rosenthal used creative events to get students enthused about human services. The events included fashion shows, rap contests, extreme makeovers, lectures from former successful students, a social worker who created a psychological dating service featured on the national news, and more. By teaming up with campus partners, these events often pulled in audiences of more than 300 people.

Rosenthal has written a string of successful books, including his signature work, the “Encyclopedia of Counseling,” which has over 2,500 Amazon reviews.

Rosenthal has received numerous distinguished awards, including the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award, the League of Innovation’s John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award, most nominated professor for the Emerging Scholars Awards Banquet, Florissant Valley’s Outstanding New Teacher Award, and the Wayne B. McClelland Adult Achievement Award in Missouri from the Missouri Police Juvenile Officers Association. He also won teaching tips of the year awards conferred by the publication “Teaching for Success.” His name is also listed in Samuel Gladding’s, “Counseling Dictionary” in the section titled “Prominent Names in the Counseling Profession.”

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