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STLCC, PepsiCo Celebrate Second Year of Scholarship Program

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PepsiCo Foundation Uplift Scholarship graduates

St. Louis Community College and The PepsiCo Foundation recently celebrated the second successful year of the STLCC PepsiCo Foundation Uplift Scholarship program.

Vanyah MooreThe initiative provided underrepresented students studying accounting, business administration, transportation, advanced manufacturing or informational technology $2,000 per academic year. Under certain circumstances, PepsiCo scholars also had access to a $500 emergency grant. 

Through intensive marketing and outreach to students, Vanyah Moore, PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship program coordinator, was able to award more than $360,000 in scholarships to 168 students from summer 2022-fall 2023, while the STLCC Foundation covered the costs for students continuing the program for the spring 2024 semester. The program’s aim is to guide students to jobs in high-growth industries.

Student speakers What Students Said about the PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship Program

“I am now able to grasp the magnitude of my efforts and what the PepsiCo Scholarship Foundation has done for me, my family and my descendants. I’m literally building generational wealth and this all just used to be a dream. I cannot express my gratitude enough for this foundation, and I’m blessed to be able to share my experience. From struggling, crying and begging for a way out to making power moves, 2024 will be even better.” – Taylor Ford

“The STLCC PepsiCo Scholarship has enabled me to break the chains of poverty of living paycheck to paycheck while working jobs with no room for advancement. I walked with the graduating class on May 19, 2024. Through the PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship Foundation, I will finish my associate degree in summer 2024 and obtain my bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri -St. Louis in spring 2025. My education goal is complete my master’s degree in business administration by spring 2026.”  -- Ora Louise Dixon Lee

“The PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship has helped me in many ways. Not only was I provided the opportunity to receive the scholarship, I was also eligible to receive financial assistance for emergencies. It has taken some weight off my shoulders because I am a full-time college student, full-time employee, and also a full-time mom. I want to thank Vanyah Moore on presenting this opportunity to me and other individuals like me who could always use an extra resource to go toward my education.” – Dayzhana Woods

“I’m so grateful to have received the STLCC PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship. Without it I most likely would not have been able to complete my degree, especially since I joined St. Louis Community College during the peak of the pandemic. With this financial burden lifted and the extremely helpful program coordinator (Vanyah Moore), I’ve been able to worry about one less thing and focus more on my schoolwork. As I am preparing graduate at the end of this semester, I’m grateful for all those who helped me complete my degree and say to those considering applying for this scholarship to do so.” – Jahmya Goodwin

Uplift Scholarship Renewed for 2024-25

The STLCC PepsiCo Foundation Uplift Scholarship has been renewed for 2024-25. Recruitment for the program will begin this summer. Submit an interest form.

For more information, contact Vanyah Moore at vmoore89@stlcc.edu or 314-644-9016.

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