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Mission, Vision and Values


St. Louis Community College expands minds and changes lives every day by offering high-quality educational experiences leading to degrees, certificates, employment, university transfer and life-long learning.


St. Louis Community College is the first choice for academic excellence: leading the way in student success, innovation and community transformation.

Core Values

Academic Excellence 

Expect high standards in all academic endeavors.


Acknowledge and value the unique needs and potential of each learner.


Demonstrate personal and professional behaviors that are ethical and transparent.


Be responsible for actions that demonstrate a commitment to St. Louis Community College’s vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities.


Support risk-taking for creative solutions to realize our vision.

Dignity And Civility 

Foster a culture of equity and inclusion through thoughtful, candid and respectful interactions.

Intercultural Competence 

Cultivate understanding of and appreciation for different cultures.

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