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English as a Second Language

Do you have plans for a new career in the United States? Do you want to begin your academic career at St. Louis Community College? Or are you interested in learning to read and write effectively in English for your personal satisfaction? Students attend the ESL program at St. Louis Community College for all these reasons.

The faculty, administrators and staff welcome non-native English speakers and recognize the contribution these students make to the college and our community.


The faculty expect all students in their courses to have the ability to complete assignments successfully and to participate in class effectively. Students for whom English is not the first language need to develop listening comprehension, reading and writing, cultural knowledge, grammar, vocabulary and test-taking skills in order to meet the expectations of the faculty and to achieve success in college.

Our ESL faculty is specially trained to determine and respond to the language learning needs of non-native English speakers. The ESL program is intended for both graduates of American high school and foreign institutions. The course sequence in the ESL program will help students reach a level of English language proficiency appropriate for college-level work.

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